Special Needs Music Class ~ 6 to 36 Months


Special Needs Music Class for children 6-36 months.  Music releases them into wellness.

Application Fee:  $45 required up front to hold your space. Your materials and monthly tuition will be charged out directly through the office based on your start date.

Material Fee:  Varies by student.

Monthly Tuition:  $50 monthly

Weekly Lesson:  30 minutes

Class Specifics:  We place babies and toddlers into our typical classrooms.  Follow this link for the class times and availability.


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Special Needs Music Class ~ 6 – 36 months

Combining the Power of Music and the Power of the Piano to transform lives!

The power of music, especially at the piano, is put to the test in our special needs music class for children under 36 months.  And it does not disappoint.  Active musical participation involves active movement to music and it has shown in study after study to have great value for cognitive skills, language development and more.  The more a child engages with music, the more the brain changes permitting more engagement.  We see a wonderful circle of healing develop.

You might want to read this article for more on the benefits of active participation put out by Duke University.

We have witnessed time and again over the last 20 years how music can help transform your child.  And the earlier they start the better.

We have baby/toddler classes that your child with special needs that may fit your schedule. They are inexpensive and fun … and most importantly, they are  life changing.

We place children with special needs under 36 months into our “typical” classrooms.

  • Application Fee:  $45 required up front to hold your space. The material fees and monthly tuition will be charged directly from the office based on your start date.
  • Material Fee:  We customize your material kit according to your needs.  In addition to your regular Baby/Toddler material kit, this fee may include a Listening Therapy CD,  Music Helps Autism Book and other items.
  • Monthly Tuition:  $50 monthly  in an on-going program with one month advanced termination notice required.
  • Weekly Lesson:  30 minutes
  • Annual Administrative Fee: Each August 1st a $30 administrative fee will be charged to all enrolled students.
  • Performance Fee:  Perfect Praise Music has two performance events per calendar year.  Our Performance Fee ranges between $25 and $45 each event.  Your child will not be charged this fee if your teacher feels that your child is unable to participate in it.

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