Music in Academic Environments

Because engagement with music is the number one enhancer of academics, what better place to study music than at school? With Perfect Praise Music, there is no need to search for a Music Teacher to come to you. We have many virtual programs and Online Learning Courses for all ages. Some options even include proficiency with our Piano Teaching Team.

Perfect Praise Music has been actively involved in the academic environment since 2005 and will custom-design a music program to fit your school's desires, financials and time constraints.

Because our programs are customized just for your school, please contact Mrs. Denie Riggs for specific billing quotes. It's surprisingly affordable; and the benefits last a lifetime!

Let's get started!

Preschool Music Classrooms Online

Our amazing Early Childhood Music program brought to you in the form of Online Lessons, brings all the benefits of an early music program to your classroom or Day Care facility.

Age-appropriate lessons for babies and toddlers under 36 months.

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early music

Online Music Classrooms for 3-4 Years

Our amazing Early Childhood Music programs for 3 and 4 year olds, brought to you in the form of Online Lessons, brings all the benefits of an early music program to your classroom or Day Care facility. Themed curriculum runs for one semester, with Online Learning Courses that completes the piano-based programs.

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private piano lessons in come N Go Schedule

Piano Lessons for Kids in the Classrooms

Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Our Kids N Keys Online Learning Course can be structured with many different variations to fit your academic environment.

This piano-based program is the game changer for your student’s academics and is worth every minute for you to set up piano in your school. We will show you how to make it work very affordable for your academic environment.

Then sit back and watch your student’s academics soar.

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Online Piano Lessons from your home

K-5 and up

Perfect Praise Music offers our amazing piano lessons to all ages, and with all levels of study via FaceTime, Duo or Zoom. No matter where you live, you can connect with us at a time that fits your schedule. Depending on the student’s age, these lessons may include the Online Piano Course for kids to reinforce their learning.

This piano-based program may be the game changer for your student’s academics and is worth every minute. Then sit back and watch your student’s academics soar.

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Online Worship Recorder in the Classroom

2nd Grade and Up

What better way to begin the study of music than on the recorder at school?

It’s simple, it’s lightweight, it’s inexpensive and doesn’t take up alot of room in the classroom.

Our Worship Recorder Pre-Band Curriculum enables you to teach our Online Worship Recorder in your classroom without having to hire a teacher. Our Online Learning PreBand Course is just the ticket. You can even add our Teaching Coaches for proficiency if you’d like.

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guitar lessons

Worship Guitar Lessons Online

1st Grade and Up

Raise up your worship leaders on the guitar in our Guitar Online Private Lessons. We connect to your home via Zoom or FaceTime at your convenience. These lessons gently guide instruction on the Guitar or Baritone Ukelele in a way that everyone can understand.

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Hear From Our Students!

I was so excited at church Sunday to be able to understand the music in the hymnal and to actually identify some notes. I have waited my entire life to be able to do this! My parents didn't have money to let me study piano. I am so glad that I found Mrs. Denie's Adult Beginner Piano Program!


I have trouble sleeping. But since I started the Adult Beginner Piano Program and began listening to the Listening Therapy CD, I have been sleeping like a baby. I cannot believe it!

Gloria (age over 65)

I've always wanted to improvise at the piano. Now with Mrs. Denie's Piano Improvisation Virtual Lessons, I can learn from her even from home.


My son and I love studying the guitar together. This is quality training in the context of spending time with my son. It's a win-win.

Jones Family

My daughter has been taking lessons for two instruments, piano and guitar, since she graduated from Perfect Praise Music's Kids N Keys program. She is getting the best of both instruments with one trip. This is so good for our busy schedule.


My teenage son was flunking out of school and had an incredibly poor attitude about life ... until he started guitar lessons with Mr. Michael. He began practicing it hours a day, and it has totally turned his academics and attitude around. Thank you Mr. Michael!


My daughters are taking guitar lessons from Mr. Michael and the piano lab with Mrs. Denie ... and it really has helped their musical abilities soar.

Mrs. H

My daughter studied the guitar under Mr. Michael when she graduated Kids N Keys. He is the most patient teacher. She thrives at the guitar and plays it for worship at our church.

Mrs. M

My daughter studied the Piano Improvisation course with Mrs. Denie first in a camp and then followed up with private lessons. She understands all the theory of music and is the church pianist at our local congregation.


My son did the Piano Improvisation course with Mrs. Denie in a summer camp. It has totally changed his life, opening the door for a new way to view the piano.