Music and Piano Programs for Academic Environments

Maximizing Academics Through the Power of Music

with Mr. Michael Riggs

President of Perfect Praise, Inc.

We have amazing Christian Music and Piano Programs for your academic school. Mr. Michael, President of Perfect Praise, Inc. introduces our piano-based programs.

Why Piano Lessons at School?

Mrs. Denie shares a powerful PowerPoint of why piano should be placed into the academic environment and our success with academics. Learn More Here

Early Childhood Music® Curriculum for your school: 

Our Early Childhood Music curriculum was written by Michael and Denie Riggs, starting 1998. This curriculum is non-traditional, and is perfect for young children in group learning. Learn More Here

Sample Lessons, Syllabus, Descriptions:

We have varied products for all age groups of your school. View the Syllabus and Sample Lessons for each age group. Learn More Here

Our Model ECM School in Huntsville AL: 

Perfect Praise Music has been actively involved in local academic environments since 2005, when we established a model Early Childhood Music School at Valley Fellowship Christian Academy, Huntsville, AL. this school is under the leadership of Head of School, Mrs. Patti Simon. View her testimony and that of a K5 teacher in 2023. Learn More Here

So How Does this Work in the Classroom? 

Glad you asked. Visualizing how our Online Program can work in your academic school is important.  Mrs. Denie will step you through the way she has successfully conducted her Piano Lab in the Academic environment for many years. Learn More Here

Strong Piano Research for Enhanced Academics:

When a child plays the piano and sings, every part of his/her brain is involved, and stimulated. Learn More Here

Your Teacher or Piano Facilitator In Your School: 

With Perfect Praise Music’s Online Piano Courses, there is no need to search for a Piano Teacher to come to your school. Mr. Michael and Mrs. Denie Riggs will become your student’s piano teacher via our Online Piano Courses. All you need to supply is a Facilitator, which could be as simple as your classroom teacher.

Funding Your Piano Lab: 

Funding  Perfect Praise Music programs in your school is surprisingly affordable; with tuition starting at just $5 a week, per student. And those fees can be passed on to your parents as part of their monthly tuition. Remember, music’s amazing benefits lasts a lifetime! Learn More Here

Special Needs Student in the Academic Environment: 

Mrs. Denie has done extensive research, including a Music and Autism case study 2013. We have programs ready to place into your academic environment or day care center.  Learn More Here

Interest Form

If you are interested in partner with us, the first step is to reach out to us with this Interest Form. Learn More Here

Application for Partnering with Perfect Praise Music- 

We email a online application to those who reach out to partner with us. Email us for this step.

Teacher Portal

Registered schools will gain lots of additional materials, teacher manuals, PowerPoints etc. in this password-protected portal.  Learn More Here. 

Contacting Us

After viewing these links, if you still have questions, please reach out to us. We have some basic structures set for our Academic Programs, but we can customize a program just for your school’s space and financial constraints.   We look forward to partnering with your private Christian School.