Special Needs Piano Programs

Music enhances our brains. All brains. Non-verbal children beginning to speak. Children breaking into new life skills. Incredible musical skills released. These are all things we have witnessed in our Special Needs Piano Programs through the Zoe Life Center.

Our Special Needs Piano Program includes more than just piano lessons. We have developed Seven Centers of Healing through the Zoe Life Center. Contact us to learn more!

Read our free Autism Case Study Report. There is HOPE!

Zoe Life Disclaimer: The information provided in or through the Zoe Life Center is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your use.

We are not, nor are we holding ourselves out to be doctors/physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants, or any other medical professional, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, counselor, social worker, or licensed music therapists.

Although we have witnessed incredible progress in our work with individuals with special needs, no guarantee is made as to your students’ progress.

Special Needs Music Class for Kids

Special Needs Piano Class ~ In-studio and Online

Up to 12 Years

When a child, typical or not, begins to engage with piano-based music, wonderful things begin to take place in their lives.  It’s because God created our  bodies and our brains to respond to music. We have witnessed many non-verbal children being released into language and life skills released with our non-traditional music class for children with special needs.  This in-studio Classroom and Online Zoom Classroom is for children diagnosed with low functioning special needs. We meet weekly. There is hope!

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Special Needs Piano Lessons

Special Needs Piano Programs~ Private Instruction

5 years and up

Piano.  The number one activity everyone should be involved with, will bring the greatest benefit to our brain.  Our non-traditional piano curriculum permits engagement at any level.  The more individuals engage with the piano, the more benefits are produced, which brings about more engagement.  We will customize a program for your special person.  Release your child into new heights!  Private structures.

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Special Needs Piano Lessons
Online Special Needs Music Class

Home Music Lessons for Special Needs

All Developmental Ages

Your physical location doesn’t have to dictate whether or not your child gets to receive the benefits of piano-based curriculum that works for persons with special needs.  With modern technology we do Face Time lessons, Zoom Live Classes, Online Learning Course or a combination of the three.  We will customize a piano-based musical program for your family member with special needs, no matter their level, age or where they live!   

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Hear From Our Students!

Music has been very beneficial for my boys. They use all their senses and it helps in all areas of academics. I’ve even seen my once-shy boy, become confident!

A Happy Mom

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your children's music CD's. They are the best ever! And the fact that they are on split track enables the children to sing with them on stage without the voicing. Thank you Perfect Praise!

A Music Teacher

I have trouble sleeping. But since I started the Adult Beginner Piano Program and began listening to the Listening Therapy CD, I have been sleeping like a baby. I cannot believe it!

Gloria (age over 65)

My 9 year old daughter (with autism) is doing the online Music4Me Lessons. She gets up every morning saying, "I want music class." She carries her IPAD everywhere she goes with music class going. She just recently began to march her feet while shaking her eggs. A great feat for her! This program is the best ever!


My son with special needs studies the piano in the Kids N Keys program with Perfect Praise Music. He is thriving at it, learning to play the piano is unlocking so many life skills.

My daughter with autism loves the puppets and they keep her attention (Online Learning). Good job Perfect Praise!


My daughter (with severe autism) did the in-studio private lessons with Mrs. Denie. And then due to scheduling difficulties, we changed to the Virtual lessons. She is thriving at the piano.


My child loved coming to music class, but we found that he got so much more out of the virtual lessons, as he was in the comfort of our home. The studio lessons enabled socializing, and the virtual lessons enabled participation. This program worked for us!


We live in a country in S. America and my son with autism was able to do these lessons abroad. Nothing like this is available in our area. We are so blessed to have found you!


My four-year old was non-verbal until he began this program. This program has changed our lives!