Termination Policy

When you are enrolled in Perfect Praise Music, we reserve a place just for you. Your commitment has kept someone else from being enrolled; so, we must charge you for lessons that are attended or not. We hold to these policies very closely, so make your plans accordingly.

We have two types of programs, On-Going and Session Courses.

On-Going Classes:

  • Class Types: The following class types follow this policy: Baby, Tots, 3-4 years, Piano Lab, Private Instruction (piano and guitar).
  • Structure: Lessons are on-going by the month and require one-month, advance, written termination notice. Withdrawal may only occur at the end of a calendar month.
  • Policy: Once enrolled in our on-going program, you must provide a written, signed termination notice to the office by closing time on the last working day of the month. So if you plan to withdraw the end of December, you must have signed notice of termination in our office by the last working day of November. Then you pay for December and are withdrawn. For summer breaks you need to give signed written notice in the office by the close of business the last working day of April. Your last class will be the end of May. (See Taking the Summer off in FAQ for more information.)

Session Courses:

  • Class Types: Class Types for Session Commitments: Pre-Kids N Keys, Kids N Keys, Adult Beginner, Piano Improvisation Courses and Various Music Camps.
  • Structure: Class length is Pre-determined before sign-up. Once you register, others may be turned away, so your commitment is held.
  • Withdrawal Policy: When enrolled for a Session Commitment, you may not withdraw during the session. You must pay for the length of the session commitment, regardless of whether you attend the in-studio lessons or not. We provide Online Learning Courses for your convenience for most of the Session Type Lessons.