Special Needs Piano Lessons ~ Private Instruction ~ Age 5+ (In-studio or Home)


Our Special Needs Piano Lessons ~ Private Lessons  can enrich lives of individuals with special learning needs. These lessons may be offered in-studio or virtually with our Online Learning Course and Zoom or Face Time.

Application Fee:  $30

Materials:  Customized and Vary by Student

Monthly Tuition:  $110 month

Prior to booking, please call us for a no-obligation placement appointment and for availability information.   256-348-6634




Special Needs Piano Lessons ~ Private Instruction (in-studio and online)

We are sold on the benefits of special needs piano lessons for students with learning needs  … students of all ages.  Sometimes individuals need private instruction due to schedule or their learning needs.

We offer Special Needs Piano Lessons ~ Private Instruction to individuals over age 5 years.

  • Students may have physical or brain disturbances, due to stroke, Alzheimers  CP or Autism.  They may have physical disabilities like missing limbs or blindness.
  • We have found that frequently the piano is an area that many individuals with special needs can excel in, giving them a sense of confidence and a way to have fun.
  • Once individuals start engaging with the piano their brain changes permitting more engagement.
  • As they spiral upwards, their life is enhanced in many musical and non-musical ways.

If accepted into Special Needs Piano Lessons ~ Private Instruction, here are our normal structures:

  • Structure:  These weekly private lessons range between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the study level of the student.
  • Age Range:   We accept students ages 5 years and up in  special needs private lessons.  Children under age 5 may be placed in our Music4Me special needs classes or our typical music classes.  That determination will be made after the initial appointment.
  • Application Fee:  $30
  • Materials:  We customize materials according to the student’s need and age.  The start up materials may range between $25 and $100 depending on age and program assigned.
  • Online Learning:  Virtual lessons may be included depending on the music program selected.  We will tell you more at your assessment appointment.
  • Monthly Tuition:  The on-going recurring monthly tuition is $110.00.  One-month advance written termination notice.

Call us for a no-obligation appointment so we can meet your family and access your placement to best meet your needs.  Contact Mrs. Denie Riggs at 256-348-6634.

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