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Perfect Praise Projects, Inc.

a Non Profit 501C3

Since 2012 Perfect Praise Projects has been busy spreading the love and joy of Jesus around the world. Perfect Praise Projects has been operating as a private foundation of Michael and Denie Riggs, of Perfect Praise, Inc.

Here are some of its projects. Click on the link for more information on each of these projects:

Current: The Zoe Life Center

Summer 2013:  8 week Music Helps Autism Case Study

2015-2017:  Cuba- We taught the principles of Early Childhood Music and it’s importance to a group of churches that covered the island. We were gratiously accepted, however due to losing $2500 of equipment at the airport that was never recovered, and limitations to our operations there, the work has come to a standstill. We would welcome the opportunity to return there at some time in the future.

2013-2014: Albania and expanion into Greece- We funded an Early Childhood Music school in Tirana Albania, including keyboards, rhythm instruments and curriculum. This school is still in operation and has expanded into orphanges in Greece.

2011-2012: Haiti-  We funded an Early Childhood Music school in Jacmel, Haiti.  Working with Restore Haiti and Samaritan’s Purse, we funded the digging of a well in Jacmel. This well is serving an entire community to this day.


Date: Supported Orphan Ministry in Albania