Complete In-studio Program for Babies/Toddlers ~ Under 36 Months


Our Complete Baby/Toddler Program Includes:

  • Weekly In-studio Music Lesson for 30 minutes
  • Weekly Zoom Online Lesson for when you’d rather do music class with your friends from home
  • Online Learning Course for Baby/Toddlers with supporting activities to do frequently at home  (View Sample Class)

Application Fee:  $30  due up front to hold space in class.  The material fees and monthly tuition will be charged directly from the office based on your start date.

Enhance your toddler

Material Fee: $72 plus sales tax

Monthly Tuition: $50 recurring monthly fee due on the 1st of each month.

In-studio Class Time Options: 

  • Wednesday 4:30 pm
  • Thursday 5:30 pm

After registering through this portal, you will receive a confirmation email from our Student Administrator along with the specifics for the next Zoom New Parent Orientation and Zoom Online Lessons log-in links.

Welcome to our musical family.



Complete In-studio Music Program for Baby/Toddlers

Enhance your baby/toddler in our music class program for children ages 6 to 36 months.

Toddlers have FUN doing music while developing rhythm skills, dexterity & coordination and ear training; while learning to sing, dance and play the piano.  This program gives them a great foundation for the 3 and 4 year music program and musical skills to become a musician for life.  In our toddler music class they also learn social skills and get brain enhancement for enhanced academics later.

Toddler Music Class research indicates that the younger a child starts to be involved with active musical participation, the greater the benefit for enhanced academics throughout their life.  (You might want to read this article  on the subject put out by Medical Daily.)

But the benefits of toddler music classes just starts there!  Language development is greatly enhanced and propelled forward by your child being in a singing environment.

These fast-paced, partner-based in-studio toddler music classes also include the piano.  The piano is the activity of choice beyond any activity your toddler can be involved in, changing your toddler’s cognitive development early while their brain is actively wiring.

We have developed a Complete Program for your Baby/Toddler that includes:

  • Weekly In-studio Music Lessons
  • Weekly Zoom Online Lessons
  • Online Learning Course for Baby/Toddlers (View Sample Course)

Specifics:  30 minute in-studio weekly lesson with a parent, partner or care-giver.

Application Fee:  Our Application Fee is $30 and due up front to hold your space.

Tots N Time Material Fee is $72 plus sales tax.  Your baby/toddler’s new student kit includes colorful material tote bag, a Tots N Time Music Lesson HomePlay Notebook, a set colorful egg shakers, set of wrist bells, two colorful baby-proof maracas, the Rhymes and Rhythms student book, Rhymes and Rhythms CD and an attendance sticker book.

Monthly Tuition:  Your monthly tuition is $50 and is charged out on the first of each month.  We prorate the first month based on your start date.

Parent Orientation: Once you enroll, we will contact you to set up a New Student Orientation appointment by Face Time or Zoom. Mrs. Denie will meet with you virtually to walk you through different aspects of being a part of our musical family including how to log into your Online Learning Course, preparing for Zoom Classroom incase of sickness or travel, and more. Your in-studio start date will be set after your attendance at this 20 minute meeting.

Performance Fee:  We perform on stage twice each calendar year.  Our performance fee varies by our events, ranging between, $25 and $45 each event.

Class Times: The following in-studio classes are offered at our 1634-A Slaughter Road, Madison, 35758 location

  • Wednesday 4:30 pm
  • Thursday 5:30 pm

Please select your class time. If a class is full, you may join a wait-list and be contacted when that class becomes available, or do another class time and wait for your favorite choice.

New Health Guidelines and Policies Mid Covid Pandemic:

We are strictly following a set of Health Guidelines for social distancing and more. We are also requiring a signed Responsibility Release from each student. It will be emailed out from the office upon enrolling.