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Perfect Praise Music In-Studio Lessons

Perfect Praise Music has been serving the Tennessee Valley since 1996. We offer music lessons in-studio, to students from babies to adult seniors and every age group in between, with our popular Early Childhood Music classes, for babies from 6 months to age 8 years.

We are located at 1634-A Slaughter Road, Madison AL, 35758, where we are open by appointment. Call us for a no obligation appointment.


Baby/Toddler Music Classes

6 to 36 Months

Baby/Toddler in-studio music classes bring all the wonderful benefits of music into your little one’s life. (As seen on Sweet Home Sextuplets!)

Our new Complete Toddler Program includes weekly in-studio lessons, Online Learning Course and weekly Zoom Group Classes. In-studio schedule is arranged for social distancing and sanitizing between students.

Active musical participation and piano-based activities enhance cognitive development, reasoning skills, language development, not to mention wonderful ear training and musical skills.  Social skills are strengthened and attention spans are increased.  What’s not to love?

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music class for kids 3-4 years

3-4 Years

Music N Motion Music Classes

Our in-studio music class for kids ages 3-4 years enables early learning at the piano while your child’s brain is actively wiring.  When a child plays the piano and sings, every part of their brain lights up and wires differently.  The result is accelerated language skills, engineering skills, reasoning skills, enhanced academics of math, reading and science.  The marvelous benefits last their lifetime.

Our new Complete Program includes a weekly in-studio lesson, the Online Learning Course and a weekly Zoom Class. Our schedule has been set to enable social distancing, health guidelines and sanitizing between students.

Let’s get started!

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4.5 Years and Up Piano Course for Kids

Kids N Keys Piano Classes

Our non-traditional piano-based curriculum enables students from 4.5 years and up to excel at the piano. That is important because the earlier your child engages with the piano, the greater the benefits of music to be released academically, physically and emotionally.

In addition to the piano, our seven leveled Kids N Keys Courses contain recorder and guitar instruction, ear training, and composing integrations. Amazingly it also includes an Online Learning Piano Courses and weekly Zoom lessons … from $75 month …

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guitar lessons

Private Guitar Lessons

8 years and up

“Praise Him with Stringed Instruments …” that’s what we do at Perfect Praise Music in our guitar department.  We offer in-studio and virtual private guitar lessons for kids ages 8 and up, customized to each student.

Benefits of guitar study include learning how music works on the neck of the guitar, ear training, performing skills and more. We love to share the opportunity to learn to Experience Worship in our guitar programs.

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private piano lessons

Private Piano Lessons

7 years to Adult Seniors

The study of the piano is the number one brain enriching activity for all ages.

At Perfect Praise Music, we offer traditional and non-traditional piano study, in-studio and online with Zoom, FaceTime or Duo.

We tailor-suit each student’s level of study (from beginner to Mozart), your schedule (with day and evening class offerings) and even give opportunity to engage with Worship Experience if interested.

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private piano lessons

Adult Beginner Piano Course

18 Years and Up

When an adult plays the piano, it formats their brain for orderly storage and retrieval of information for 4-5 hours after they practice. That’s the power of our Adult Beginner Piano Course, for … adult beginners.  One hour weekly in-studio class lesson accompanied by virtual lessons to reinforce what you have learned in class.

10 week session, $10 week plus materials.  Offered periodically.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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Piano Improvisation Lessons

12 Years and Up

Always wanted to add things at the piano that are not written down?

It’s easy, step-by-step, with Mrs. Denie’s Piano Improvisation Course, taught by Mrs. Denie Riggs.

Study the basic music theory behind piano improvisation along with multiple techniques and concepts that enable you to release the sound that God puts inside of you. Let your creativity flow.

Prerequisites exist.

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piano improvisation

Hear From Our Students!

RE: Pre Kids n Keys and Level 3 Kids N Keys Online Learning Courses

My two little ones are really enjoying their (Kids N Keys Online Learning) lessons. It has been fun to see them encourage each other with their music as well.

The oldest is practicing more independently. He is progressing through the Level 3 lessons well ... while my youngest is practicing well and loves the videos. She also tends to sit with my song when he watches his Level 3 videos, so she is really picking up a lot. Thank you so much for this program!

Online Piano for Kids Works!

Just a quick note to let you know that one of your Alumni is doing great things! My son is a BJHS Senior. He was accepted to both West Point and MIT! He has a tough choice ahead. While he did not continue music beyond 8th grade, I believe the foundation he received in your (Early Childhood Music and Kids N Keys programs) laid an important foundation.
Thank you for it!

Early Piano Produces Amazing Academics

Music Works! (This child is currently in Kids N Keys and does the in-studio work and loves to do the Online Piano Course also. It shows! Her academic scores are top of the nation!)
My grandaughter is a five year old kindergarten student, who is in her third year at Perfect Praise Music School. She is a straight A student with an 98 cumulative grade point average on a 100 scale. She was given the Map Assessment test, which she out scored 98% of the kindergarten students in the nation in math and 91% in reading. The results indicated she was read for assignments at the next grade level.

Amazing Academic Report

I recommend parents to get their children involved in this program. My sons and myself were exposed to the Early Childhood Music, the older one currently plays keyboard, guitar, bass, drums and our local steel pan. My younger son is still learning. We love music and this program has cause our love for worshiping God and music expand even more.


I just wanted to tell you that your program has set my two daughters up to love and excel at the piano. I cannot express to you what sitting under your guidance has done for their future. Thank you Mrs. Denie.

I am amazed at the progress my daughter has made in your Kids N Keys program. Seems just like yesterday we were starting on "Mama Do" and now she is performing all over the piano beautifully. I am amazed at this program. Thank you for what you have imparted to her.

A Graduating Parent

Thank you so for such an amazing (Kids N Keys) graduation ceremony! We know how much work you and Mr. Michael put into organizing such a memorable occasion for not only the kids but friends & family as well. It's something we'll cherish for a lifetime!


Music has been very beneficial for my boys. They use all their senses and it helps in all areas of academics. I’ve even seen my once-shy boy, become confident!

A Happy Mom

My children get excited for their (online) lesson time and touch the keys of the piano daily, even if it is just for fun. Sometimes there might be frustration and mistakes (proficiency on videos submitted for HomePlay), but if they are praised for their effort, they start to see their own improvement and keep trying! It has been so fun to watch their progress!

Mrs. J.

My two sons have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play the piano with virtual lessons through Early Childhood Music. Virtual Lessons allow us to make more use out of our time learning. We follow the same structure as the in-class lessons, and visit the classroom setting for Performance Parties. On a weekly basis, we turn in our assignments and upload videos of our solos.

A Busy Mom