Special Needs Bucket Drumming/Recorder Class

$60.00 / month for 2 months and a $40.00 sign-up fee

Worship Bucket/Recorder Class

8-week Course for Teens and Young Adults with Special Needs

Please read description below 

Start Up Fee: $40 includes small app fee and all materials. (Existing PPM students discounted to $25)

Monthly Tuition Fee: $60 month tuition- Please read details given below in description

Class offered Tuesdays 12:30 p.m. at 1634-A Slaughter Road, Madison 35758

Eight Lessons:  September 21st- November 16th  



Feel the Beat and Worship at the same time with this fun, interactive

Rhythm and Wind Class for Special Learners

For Special Needs Teens and Young Adults

We are only accepting 6 students for this one-of-a-kind 8 week course.

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Description: $15.00 per lesson plus materials in a session

  • A fun, interactive course that will teach learners to play drum/percussion instruments with drumsticks on buckets, as well as beginner lessons on recorder!
  • The benefits of this course on Recorder: breathing on demand, breath control, finger dexterity, listening skills
  • The benefits of this course on Bucket Drumming: rhythmic skills, following (and leading), note value study and music patterns, feeling the beat, and expressing music on a variety of percussion instruments
  • For teens and young adults with special needs
  • Ages 12 years and up
  • Parents/caregivers MUST attend with student
  • 45-minute weekly for 8 weeks
  • Lessons will be videoed for practice at home
  • Includes the Worship Recorder Video Series for Individualized Study

Materials Included: 

  • Worship Recorder Book by Perfect Praise Music
  • Recorder
  • Drum Sticks
  • Note: We will supply the bucket for in-studio lessons. Optional- If you desire a bucket for home practice sessions, we will give purchasing information.

We are only offering one class and will accept 6 students only. First come-first serve for availability.

Offered Tuesdays 12:30 p.m. at 1634 Slaughter Road, Madison 35758

Course dates September 21st – November 16th  

  • $40 Start Up Fee includes your materials (existing Perfect Praise Students discounted to $25)
  • 1st $60 tuition payment due September 15, and 2nd payment due October 15th set up with auto account with the office
  • Or you may pay one full payment when booking, (billed through the office) Contact Mrs. Denie for more information
  • No refunds or credit for missed or cancelled lessons (Bonus … the lessons will be recorded for at home study and review!)