Rhymes and Rhythms CD


This CD contains the best of Early Childhood Music. Available in hard-copy CD, or download card. Rhymes and Rhythms lyrics book sold separately.

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The Rhymes and Rhythms CD contains over 65 minutes of fun, musical songs for the entire family. The Rhymes and Rhythms CD contains 39 songs created with children voices in a split-track format to sing along with the CD or alone for performances. The Rhymes and Rhythms CD contains some of the most popular songs from our Early Childhood Music® classes and serves as the basic curriculum for our Baby/Toddler music classes.

Song Listing:

1) Be My Darling 2) Beach Baby Band  3) Beach Ball Boogie 4) Bingo 5) Butterfly  6) Clap Your Hands 7) Crab Walk  8) Ducks In The Park 9) Elephant Stomp 10) Everybody Praise the Lord 11) Give Our Praise To God 12) God Loves You 13) God Made Me 14) Grandpa’s Farm 15) Head and Shoulders 16) Hello, Big Smile 17) Hello, Hello, Hello 18) Here Come Little Train 19) He’s Got The Whole World 20) Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho 21) Howdy Partner 22) I’m Riding My Horse  23)  It’s Music Time  24)  It’s Planting Time 25) Little Choo Choo 26) Rock-a-Bye Baby 27) Scarecrow Dance 28) Snuggle Up With Me  29) The Horse  30) The Little Mice Go Creeping 31) The Lord’s Army  32) This Little Light of Mine  33) This Happy Song 34) Three Little Kittens 35) Tick Tock 36) Together Again  37) We Are Little Flowers  38) Where is Thumbkin?  39) With Your Partner


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