Private Piano Lessons


Age:  Children, Teens and Adults (ages 7+ years).  See below for more information.

Application Fee:  $45 due at point of registration. Non-refundable as others may be turned away.

Material Fee:  Varies by student and program of study, but usually ranges between $15 and $55

Tuition Varies by Course Work:  $100 -$125 month depending on program and lesson length

Time Slots:  Prior to booking your space, please contact Mrs. Denie for updated availability info.  256-348-6634



Private Piano Lessons

Putting the Power of the Piano to work for you!

Our private piano lessons are one-on-one instruction and totally individualized and customized for each student.  We combine traditional and non-traditional approaches to make a plan that suits the learning style for each student.  We offer private piano lessons for children, teens and adults.  We teach all levels from total beginner to advanced classical.  We also teach worship performance (by hymnal or lead sheet) and piano improvisation lessons.

We offer private piano lessons in three locations:  Valley Fellowship Christian Academy (3616 Holmes Avenue, Huntsville, AL), AB Stephens Music (2828 Drake Avenue, Huntsville) and at our new main office (15886 Mooresville Road, Athens, AL 35613).  Our private lessons are 20 -30 minute segments depending on various factors.

Age:  We accept students age 7+,  or students in our Kids N Keys piano curriculum. Please contact the office for more information. 

Application Fee:  $30 due up front to hold space

Material Fee:  Curriculum varies by student and program of study, but usually ranges between $15 and $55

Tuition:  $100 – $125 month depending on work course desired.

Performance Fee: We perform on stage twice each calendar year.  Our performance fee varies between $25 and $45 depending on what we do.  All registered students are charged this fee except special needs students who are unable to participate, and adults.  This fee is charged out one month prior to the event.

Annual Admin Fee: $30 charged out to entire student body August 1st of each year. New students enrolling in June/July will have prorated annual admin fee based on your start date.

Note: Our private instruction also includes Zoom or FaceTime lessons when you just don’t want to get our or a family member is ill. We do not offer makeup lessons or refunds for missed or cancelled lessons, as our schedules are packed in.

Withdrawal: Your lessons on on-going monthly, with one month advance written notice of withdrawal required. Withdrawal must occur at the end of the calendar month, and written notice must be received by 5:00 p.m. the last working day of the prior month. Contact the office for more information.

Time Slots:  Prior to booking please contact our office for availability of private piano lessons slots.    256-348-6634