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Guitar and Piano Lessons for Kids

We are the home of Early Childhood Music ~ Give Them the Best Start, where we offer music classes from 12 week-old babies and up in our non-traditional piano lessons for kids. Your family will thrive as you study music together. From 6 months …

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Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons for Adults

When an adult practices a musical instrument their brain formats for orderly storage and retrieval of information for hours after they practice.   Now it’s YOUR turn!  We offer adult lessons from absolute beginner to advanced, classical, including worship. Piano and Guitar.

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Special Needs Music Class for Kids

Special Needs Piano Lessons

We have found that our non-traditional piano curriculum works wonders for persons with special learning needs.    We will customize a piano program just for your family member, in-studio or virtual. There is hope!

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Online Piano Lessons

Now with our New! Online Learning Courses you may study our popular music courses in the privacy of your home, with interaction with our teaching staff.  We offer Online Learning Piano Courses for children from age 4.5 years through Adult Beginner.

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Hear From Our Students!

Music Works! (This child is currently in Kids N Keys and does the in-studio work and loves to do the Online Piano Course also. It shows! Her academic scores are top of the nation!)
My grandaughter is a five year old kindergarten student, who is in her third year at Perfect Praise Music School. She is a straight A student with an 98 cumulative grade point average on a 100 scale. She was given the Map Assessment test, which she out scored 98% of the kindergarten students in the nation in math and 91% in reading. The results indicated she was read for assignments at the next grade level.

Amazing Academic Report

Online Piano Lessons for kids
I don’t think I have ever recommended something on Instagram before, but when something is just awesome, it just is.

If you are a homeschool mom, or just a busy mom that wants to teach your child music in 15 minutes or less a day, this is an AWESOME, Christian based program. I cannot say enough about the way it is put together.

Each day has a series of very short, very fun videos that WILL hold their attention. Very little time has to be put in, but your child learns music from so many different angles. And it builds on itself beautifully!

You submit your video performance once a week and the teachers are very involved.

Serious. 15 min a day. So effective!!

It’s called Perfect Praise in Huntsville. But anyone, anywhere can do this. And the best part is, it’s crazy affordable ... and the progress is crazy❤️

When Something is Awesome ...

My son loved the (KNK Online) program! He enjoyed doing his lessons every night. He had a lot of fun. The short videos kept his attention. He loved singing along with all of the songs. Great program!

Great Program!

(My daughter) is SO excited to play now! I LOVE it! She loves to check off her boxes and say her flashcards. I can’t believe the difference the virtual lessons have made.

Mrs. P.

Good lesson this week. (My daughter) enjoyed playing Beach Ball Boogie and It’s Fall along with you, Mrs. Denie on the keyboard. The timing on the flash cards this week have been so much fun. She is really up for the challenge. Saw a great improvement over the past couple of days. She wants you to know that her favorite game so far is the memory cards. She loves playing matching. Thanks for all that you do!

Loving the Virtual Lessons

My son loved the Kids N Keys Online Learning Course! He enjoyed doing his lessons every night. He had a lot of fun. The short videos kept his attention. He loved singing along with all of the songs. Great program!

Virtual Only Student

I recommend parents to get their children involved in this program. My sons and myself were exposed to the Early Childhood Music, the older one currently plays keyboard, guitar, bass, drums and our local steel pan. My younger son is still learning. We love music and this program has cause our love for worshiping God and music expand even more.


I just wanted to tell you that your program has set my two daughters up to love and excel at the piano. I cannot express to you what sitting under your guidance has done for their future. Thank you Mrs. Denie.

I am amazed at the progress my daughter has made in your Kids N Keys program. Seems just like yesterday we were starting on "Mama Do" and now she is performing all over the piano beautifully. I am amazed at this program. Thank you for what you have imparted to her.

A Graduating Parent

Thank you for a truly incredible program. It gives (my son) and I something to learn together. I have to be honest getting on the piano in the mornings was a struggle for us at first, but now he looks forward to it. I’m excited to see his progression with piano this school year. He’s loving it and I’m glad.

Mrs. B.

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Raising Up Future Leaders

Raising Up Future Leaders … a Testimony from a Mom of 3 prior Early Childhood Music Students … (This testimony has been edited only to remove names and location.) We want to send a warm hello from the (our family).  We still think of you often, every time I dust the bookshelves and see the […]

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The Surprising Benefits of Playing the Guitar

Hi everyone, This article was sent to me by Mr. Terry Stefan of GuitarSignal.com and granted permission for me to share it with you. While researchers say that the piano is the number one enhancer of brain function because of reading two clefs at the same time, the guitar also has amazing benefits. I was […]

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17 Reasons to Study Piano with Perfect Praise Music

17 Reasons to Study Piano with Perfect Praise Music by Denie Riggs Founding Director For over 25 years, we have been trumpeting the benefits of playing the piano.  Today, piano benefit documentation is well-know and strong.  There are tons of great piano teachers both in our local area and world-wide. So why should you choose […]

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Why Should Babies/ Toddlers Take Music Lessons?

Should Babies/Toddlers Take Music Lessons? By Michael Riggs President, Perfect Praise Inc. Why should babies/toddlers take music lessons? There are many reasons to have babies participate in music class. Our program at Perfect Praise Music includes the piano even in our baby/toddler classes. The piano is the number one instrument for brain function enhancement, giving […]

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What is Your Pursuit in Music?

What is Your Pursuit in Music? by Michael David Riggs President, Perfect Praise Inc. “Your playing is anointed. That’s not something I can teach you. That’s something the Holy Spirit has to do – He puts that on your music when your life and your music please Him. He breaths on your music and causes […]

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Let God Restore the Tabernacle of David in You

Let God Restore the Tabernacle of David in You by Michael David Riggs President, Perfect Praise Inc. It was probably in 2004 that I heard for the first time anyone say that we should be moving, portable arks of the covenant. What an amazing statement! What a true statement! When Jesus walked this earth that’s […]

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tabernacle of david

Pavilion of Praise

Pavilion of Praise What could hurt God? I asked that question to a group of young guitar students recently and they immediately thought I was asking what could hurt God’s feelings, or bring Him sadness emotionally. But that is not my question. My question is what could hurt God? What could harm Him or do […]

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Special Needs Piano Lessons

Are We Aware? Music Can Heal Autism!

It’s Autism Awareness Month … Are We Aware? by Mrs. Denie Riggs Music can heal autism. I cringe to even be so bold as to speak those words.  Yet we know what we have witnessed in our students across the last twenty years. It’s Autism Awareness Month.  Are we aware? Recently, while setting up our school’s  […]

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music for autism

Music for Autism?

Music for Autism? Five Ways to Harness Music’s Power to Bring Healing By Denie Riggs With the prevalence of autism soaring in our culture, how does the power of music for autism stack up against the strong ravages of this brain issue? The answer is  … “With incredible strength!” We will show you five ways […]

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We are open by appointment. Our current teaching hours vary by day, schedules and even by the season. To ensure that we are available to speak with you, please call for a no-obligation appointment. We look forward to meeting you. 256-348-6634.

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