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Your premiere music studio offering Early Childhood Music piano classes, in-studio and online piano lessons, guitar lessons, special needs piano lessons and piano and guitar lessons for all ages. Come by and see us at our Huntsville, AL studio!

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary of Early Childhood Music by launching our online programs to the world!

We are celebrating with lots of special events for your family!

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private piano lessons

Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons for Kids

We are the home of Early Childhood Music ~ Give Them the Best Start, where we offer music classes from 12 week-old babies and up in our non-traditional piano lessons for kids. Your family will thrive as you study music together. From 12 weeks…

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Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons for Adults

When an adult practices a musical instrument their brain formats for orderly storage and retrieval of information for hours after they practice.   Now it’s YOUR turn!  We offer adult lessons from absolute beginner to advanced, classical, including worship. Piano and Guitar.

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Special Needs Music Class for Kids

Special Needs Piano Lessons

We have found that our non-traditional piano curriculum works wonders for persons with special learning needs.    We will customize a piano program just for your family member, in-studio or virtual. There is hope!

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Online Piano Lessons

Now with our New! Online Learning Courses you may study our popular music courses in the privacy of your home, with interaction with our teaching staff.  We offer Online Learning Piano Courses for children from age 4.5 years through Adult Beginner.

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Hear From Our Students!

Thank you for a truly incredible program. It gives (my son) and I something to learn together. I have to be honest getting on the piano in the mornings was a struggle for us at first, but now he looks forward to it. I’m excited to see his progression with piano this school year. He’s loving it and I’m glad.

Mrs. B.

At first I wasn't thrilled about the online part of your in-studio program, simply because we are still not allowing (our daughter) to have screen time very much. But, after doing it with her I can already see how it helps her learn...and she loves it!

We are loving it!

Reluctant for Screen Time

Thank you so for such an amazing (Kids N Keys) graduation ceremony! We know how much work you and Mr. Michael put into organizing such a memorable occasion for not only the kids but friends & family as well. It's something we'll cherish for a lifetime!


I was so excited at church Sunday to be able to understand the music in the hymnal and to actually identify some notes. I have waited my entire life to be able to do this! My parents didn't have money to let me study piano. I am so glad that I found Mrs. Denie's Adult Beginner Piano Program!


Music has been very beneficial for my boys. They use all their senses and it helps in all areas of academics. I’ve even seen my once-shy boy, become confident!


My children get excited for their (online) lesson time and touch the keys of the piano daily, even if it is just for fun. Sometimes there might be frustration and mistakes (proficiency on videos submitted for HomePlay), but if they are praised for their effort, they start to see their own improvement and keep trying! It has been so fun to watch their progress!


My two sons have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play the piano with virtual lessons through Early Childhood Music. Virtual Lessons allow us to make more use out of our time learning. We follow the same structure as the in-class lessons, and visit the classroom setting for Performance Parties. On a weekly basis, we turn in our assignments and upload videos of our solos.


The boys are really enjoying music, (both of them in different ways). So glad we found you. You have helped them see music in a fun way! And the program is structured perfectly!


My grandbaby enrolled for your program and we began to play the Perfect Praise Baby CD in her nursery. She is so much calmer and hardly ever cries! Amazing

Mrs. E

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your children's music CD's. They are the best ever! And the fact that they are on split track enables the children to sing with them on stage without the voicing. Thank you Perfect Praise!

A Music Teacher

From the Blog

What is Your Pursuit in Music

What is Your Pursuit in Music “Your playing is anointed. That’s not something I can teach you. That’s something the Holy Spirit has to do – He puts that on your music when your life and your music please Him. He breaths on your music and causes it to affect other people and desire to […]

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Let God Restore the Tabernacle of David in You

Let God Restore the Tabernacle of David in You It was probably in 2004 that I heard for the first time anyone say that we should be moving, portable arks of the covenant. What an amazing statement! What a true statement! When Jesus walked this earth that’s exactly what He was… He was the uninhibited […]

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tabernacle of david

Pavilion of Praise

Pavilion of Praise What could hurt God? I asked that question to a group of young guitar students recently and they immediately thought I was asking what could hurt God’s feelings, or bring Him sadness emotionally. But that is not my question. My question is what could hurt God? What could harm Him or do […]

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Special Needs Piano Lessons

Are We Aware? Music Can Heal Autism!

It’s Autism Awareness Month … Are We Aware? by Mrs. Denie Riggs Music can heal autism. I cringe to even be so bold as to speak those words.  Yet we know what we have witnessed in our students across the last twenty years. It’s Autism Awareness Month.  Are we aware? Recently, while setting up our school’s  […]

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music for autism

Music for Autism?

Music for Autism? Five Ways to Harness Music’s Power to Bring Healing By Denie Riggs With the prevalence of autism soaring in our culture, how does the power of music for autism stack up against the strong ravages of this brain issue? The answer is  … “With incredible strength!” We will show you five ways […]

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music class for kids 3-4 years

Did You Know?

Did You Know? By Mrs. Denie Riggs Founding Director of Early Childhood Music    Every time I hear it, I get fired up.  Scientists are doing music research and discovering more piano benefits, even faster than I can follow.  That’s right.  God created us to be benefited by the power of music… and we are […]

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Enhance Your Baby

Enhance Your Baby! By Mrs. Denie Riggs Millions of new moms search the internet for ways to enhance your baby, as everyone wants to give baby the very best start in life.  Researchers and indicators point to participation with music as one of the best ways to propel your new little bundle of joy into […]

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The Power of the Piano

The Power of the Piano Adult Piano Lessons Fight the Aging Process Mrs. Denie Riggs Music researchers trumpet the power of the piano to be the activity of choice to produce the greatest brain benefit.  More and more adults are reaching for the piano as a means to enrich their brain and to keep healthy […]

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Let God Arise

Let God Arise by Michael David Riggs   The word of God comes out of the Tabernacle of David. The word of God is given birth to as we get in sync with the sound of heaven – the sound that is coming from God’s throne. I heard the Lord whisper this very recently to […]

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Studio Hours

We are open by appointment only. We have set hours that we teach they vary by day and times. Our hours also vary by the season, but our current hours usually are as follows. To be safe, call for an appointment 256-348-6634.

  • Monday: 2:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00am – 6:30pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30am – 6:30pm
  • Thursday: 1:00pm – 6:30pm
  • Friday: 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed


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