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Perfect Praise Music has music lessons for every member of your family, from 12 week old babies to adult seniors.

  • Our non-traditional preschool piano-based curriculum works wonderfully for young children and those with special needs.
  • Our piano and guitar lessons are fun and affordable.
  • Our Music Helps Autism on-line learning programs change lives of children around the world with customized structures.
  • On-line Learning Piano Courses permit you to experience the gift of music … no matter where you live!

We are open by appointment.  Call or text for an appointment to speak to our director, Mrs. Denie.  256-348-6634

Open/Teaching Hours: We offer lessons weekdays various hours. Need another time?  We may be able to accommodate!  Call us!

  • Monday 230p – 730p
  • Tuesday 10a – 12 noon, then 1:30 – 730p
  • Wednesday 330p – 730p
  • Thursday Noon – 730p
  • Friday 10a- noon, 230p – 430p

Click on Discover our Classes below!

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My child loves to worship with her guitar, we have a great teacher...

I've always wanted to play the piano... at 76 this program makes it easy.


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