Piano Teacher Add-On


For less than the price of driving across town, your Learner can study the piano with our Online Learning Courses with a Piano Teacher ADD-ON.

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$39 monthly recurring charge throughout the length of your Online Course.  See below for more information regarding structures.




Piano Teacher/Zoom Lessons Add-On

For Piano Lessons With Our Virtual Teacher! $39 monththe power of music in special needs music class

With our virtual Online Learning Piano Courses your Learner can play the piano from your home.  With our ADD-ON Piano Teacher and Zoom Lesson Package, we can provide piano teacher accountability, proficiency so they learn to play the piano correctly.

It’s only $39 per month, charged monthly in addition to your Course Tuition.

For that you get: 

  • We have developed an upload portal on our website for sending in weekly assignments to your Teacher
  • Students (or parent/guardian in your home), will communicate weekly via email, text, phone with your assigned Perfect Praise Piano Teacher ensuring your Learner learns correctly
  • Your Teacher will guide you and your student through every part of the Course, providing accountability and award incentives (when appropriate)
  • When available, we will also give you weekly access to LIVE Zoom Accountability Lessons with other students near your same level of study.

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