The Zoe Life Center

John 10:10

 The Zoe Life Center is a hub of hope and healing to families with special needs and beyond.

 The Zoe Life Center provides a coordinated effort between Seven Centers of Life and Healing.

It operates with a strong Christian focus, presenting alternative solutions.  

Let the Fun Begin!

Since 1996, Perfect Praise, Inc. has functioned to teach piano and guitar for students of all ages. We began to see that Perfect Praise’s preschool piano curriculum, authored by Michael and Denie, had amazing impact on the brains, and thus the lives of children with autism and other special needs, and the non-traditional approach, worked wonderfully with children on the spectrum.

Envisioned Conference Center

In 2012, autism was a hot topic in the media. Denie purposely watched a well-known morning talk show that was broadcasting a various autism therapy every weekday that April. Denie made a point to watch every episode, anxious to see WHEN (not if) they were going to feature the power of music. On the last day of the month, their broadcast was about ‘tennis therapy’.

Once again they overlooked the power of music. How’s come no one was experiencing, or at least talking about, the amazing breakthroughs that we were experiencing first hand?

Frustrated, Denie fought back by writing a book, Music Helps Autism, publishing it March 2013.

The Board of Directors of Perfect Praise Projects, our non-profit corporation, helped her organize and conduct an authentic Music and Autism Case Study the summer of 2013. The results were phenomenal (See report below). Assured that the media would now be very excited to learn of the success, Denie sent the Music Helps Autism book and the Music and Autism Case Study Report out to media, both local and national. One local newscast picked up the story, but no one else. Most of her reports and manuscripts were returned unopened.

We decided at that time, that we had more work to do, as for some reason, we were the ones called by the Lord to do it.

This Zoe Life vision is bigger than we are.

We believe the vision is from the Lord, and we need those like-minded to help us in many different ways. Click on the links below to learn more!

Vision Statement

The Zoe Story

The Zoe Vision

Music and Autism Case Study Report

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The Foundation ~ Intercession

The Seven Centers of Healing

Our  Vision Board (Pictures)


We Need YOU!

Want to Help? We are accepting applications for coordinators and workers who share the vision and are interested in donating your area of expertise to make a difference in others’ lives.

Note: Tax deductible gifts and donations can be received through our non-profit corporation, Perfect Praise Projects, LLC. Contact us for more information.

 If you are interested in participating with us in any area, please contact Denie Riggs at

Thank you in advance for the lives you will help change!