The Zoe Life Center

John 10:10

 The Zoe Life Center is a hub of hope and healing to families with special needs and beyond.

 The Zoe Life Center provides a coordinated effort between seven centers of life and healing. It operates with a strong Christian focus, presenting alternative solutions.  

 The Vision: The Zoe Life Center is established to serve families of individuals with mental and physical disturbances by offering coordinated alternatives of health care and educational services, from a strong Christian perspective.

 Philosophy: We believe that God has provided all that we need to life healthy, fulfilled lives. We believe through the power of prayer and intercession, nutrition, music, homeopathic medical support, targeted education, art/movement/worship and coordinated therapies, the quality of life of every individual can be enhanced to that of abundant life.

 The Story: Mrs. Denie Riggs, of Perfect Praise, Inc. has taught piano lessons to individuals with all types of mental and physical handicaps her entire life. Those include blind students, those with Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s, those missing limbs and now autism. As autism has increased through recent years, she witnessed the fact that children with autism thrived on her preschool piano-based music curriculum that she wrote from 1998-2003.

As her students with autism began to engage with the piano, it changed their brain, permitting more engagement which brought about more and more musical and non-musical benefits. Armed with what she was witnessing and the fact that no-one else was talking about piano benefits for children with autism, she was moved to write and published a book “Music Helps Autism” in April 2013.

The Case Study: To further document her findings, she and her Perfect Praise Music team in Huntsville AL conducted an Autism Case Study the following summer. The results were remarkable across the board with the 20 individuals who participated in this study. Five out of seven non-verbal children with autism, ranging in ages of 4 – 11 years, spoke new words during the eight-week study. One more broke through into language 9 months later. (All of this is documented in the Autism Case Study Report available through Perfect Praise Music, available on their website,

 The Name:  After the case study, Denie felt that she needed to provide a “center” to coordinate off-the-beaten-path remedies to autism and to give hope to families who were struggling for answers. One night, a few months later, she and her husband Michael were brainstorming the name of this “center” while at supper.  After they left the restaurant in separate cars, Denie prayed aloud asking the Father what He would call this center for music and the brain.

Immediately the “Zoe Life Center” came to her mind. Now that phrase was so far removed from her thinking that Denie knew she had heard from the Lord. She knew that “Zoe” was in the Bible somewhere, but was unaware of its meaning, so upon arriving home, she immediately got her Bible concordance and looked it up.

Here is the verse that Denie found that night:

“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy: I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance.” (“Zoe” Greek concordance number 2222)  John 10:10

 Zoe is the Greek word for God’s kind of life in the New Testament; it is used 133 times. It’s abundant life. The Blue Letter Bible concordance defines it as animated life.

Armed with God’s name for her “center” Denie began to lay the foundation on paper. She envisioned seven centers of help for persons with special needs. She sought the URL “” but it was not available.

While awaiting direction from the Lord, Denie’s vision lay dormant for a few years. Denie was confident that if it was to be, and that Father would bring it to pass when the time was right.

It’s Time: Fast Forward Four Years:  In March 2018, Denie woke up one morning and announced to her husband-business partner, Michael, that it is time to move forward with the Zoe Life Center. He asked, “What does that mean?”

She answered, “I don’t know. I just feel it’s time.”

The URL: She did some research that day and the URL “” was now available and she secured it.

That week, 6 families enquired regarding lessons at their music school, where they teach music from babies to adult seniors in piano and guitar. ALL SIX inquiring students had severe autism.

One of those families has a three-year-old, non-verbal daughter, with severe autism.  Her mom expressed frustration at what she was experiencing as she sought help.  This little girl has sleep issues and the doctor had given her a medication to help her sleep. When it didn’t work, they gave her another med, then yet another.  So, she is on three meds to induce sleep and is still not sleeping. Then she was put on a fourth drug during the day to calm her down. Denie asked her if she had considered allergy testing or nutritional counseling. She said no.  Then the mom started to cry and said, “There is nowhere to go for answers or help.” This was the “Ah-ha” moment. Denie knew that the Zoe Life Center HAD to move forward. Too many families need what God had placed in our hands.

The Logo: Later that week, Matt, our IT guy, emailed Denie stating that he had designed a new logo for Perfect Praise, Inc. and wanted to see what we thought.  This logo was totally unsolicited and out of the blue.

The logo contains a tree (worshipping person) surrounded by circles.

SEVEN circles.  The Zoe Life Center

 Commissioned:  On September 21, 2019, a commissioning service was held at Perfect Praise Music to launch the Zoe Life Center in praise and prayer. Many of our ministry supporters attended and participated in this special time. Denie and Michael were commissioned to the work ahead as the Zoe Life Center.

As they were making plans for an Autism Seminar at their school, early spring 2020, covid-19 shut down everything.

Intercession and Prayer:  The Zoe Life Center is God’s. It’s bigger than anything that we can imagine or pull off on our own. We are simply taking one step at a time, then waiting for the next step as God brings it all together.

The Zoe Life Center must be built in prayer first and He will make clear the strategies for what He desires and then the means to do it.

When Jesus walked the face of this earth, he delivered people and restored healing. We must start with intercession, deliverance, seeking the face of God for specific answers for each person that the Father brings in.

We are seeking His face for the structures, individuals, and businesses that He would have partner with us. If we have heard from the Lord, and we believe we have, it may come about quickly, when it in HIS timing.

The Zoe Life Vision: Seven Centers of Healing

1.  Intercession: Every breakthrough begins here…

1. Prayer Support: for families enrolled and specific to those open to being prayed over

    1. Coordinator: Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures
    2. Intercessors: Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures
    3. Other 

2.  Family Counseling and Respite: We strongly desire that the Zoe Life Center be a hub of hope and healing

  1. Counseling: for those who have just received the diagnosis and who are coping with the effects on their families
    1. Coordinator: Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures
    2. Counselors: Depending on the diagnosis, a team of individuals who have walked this way before to help comfort and guide. Contact Denie if Interested
    3. Other:

3. Respite Care: giving a break and emotional support to families through Referral Program and our 222 Ranch (see below as we are searching for property at this time)

    1. Coordinator: Michael Riggs
    2. Events: 
      1. Camp outs
      2. Pumpkin Patch
      3. Christmas Tree
      4. Retreats
      5. Petting Zoos
      6. Worship Camps
      7. Other Activities
 4.  Music – Perfect Praise Special Needs Piano-based Program:  A Customized Program developed for each client based on Denie’s “Music Helps Autism” book and the MHA Case Study incorporating musical engagement on a daily/hourly basis depending on their activity (This program already in existence with virtually and in-person instruction)
    1. Coordinator: Denie Riggs (LAUNCHED)
      1. Piano Based-KNK Online Learning Daily Program offered with frequent lessons in-studio or virtual
      2. Continue the research and documenting of the case study by for every student’s activity and engagement with music.
      3.  Private Online Tutoring in select local school systems
      4. Other
    2. Worship / Movement / Art: (LAUNCHED)
      1. Coordinator: Denie Riggs
      2. Hallelujah Kids: A movement class with the tambourine and scarves
      3. Art– Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures
        1. Coordinator: 
        2. Other:
      4. Exercise to Music for coordination and to bring the musical benefits to individuals
        1. Coordinator:  Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures
        2. Other:
      5. Bucket Drumming and Recorder Class (LAUNCHED)
        1. Coordinator: Denie Riggs
        2. Other

5. Nutrition: Many individuals with special needs have incredible allergies to food. We feel that working with diet and nutrition are key elements to their breakthrough.

  1. Coordinator: FILLED
    1. Individualized Food Allergy Testing
    2. Essential Oils
    3. Dietary Monitoring
    4. Supplements
    5. Resources:

6. Homeopathic Remedies and Therapies: Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures

  1. Medical Coordinator: Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures
    1. Doctors who will coordinate with us, seeking homeopathic means to the root of the symptom rather than masking with prescription drugs
    2. Dentists- Who might treat with homeopathic concerned regarding allergies
    3. Research:
    4. Other:

2. Therapies Coordinator: Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures for any of these therapies

    1. Speech therapy
    2. Occupational therapy
    3. Physical Therapy
    4. ABA Therapy
    5. Early Intervention
    6. Water Therapy
    7. Other:

7.  Education and Tutoring: 

  1. Coordinator: Contact Denie if interested in Partnering or Referral Structures
    1. Academic Tutoring Program: Individualized academic tutoring program that would also incorporate listening to specific types of music while doing academics
      1. Coordinator
      2. Other:
    2. Homeschool Group: to give academic support and solutions for those who need or desire it
      1. Coordinator:
      2. Other

Facility Search

Michael and Denie have operated in the city of Huntsville AL for two decades, renting space. They feel that the Zoe Life Center needs to own their own property. They have been in a search for the perfect place, that would enable the Zoe Life Center vision, a place of healing and life for all God’s kids, especially providing a ministry center for those with special needs. They envisioned a place with 4+ acres to do many types of events and conferences, both for the Zoe Life Center and for Worship Mentoring and more.

At the writing, the search continues. (November 2021) The ideal location would be between Athens and Huntsville, AL in or near Limestone County. But we would be open to other property. Contact Denie for more information.


The Zoe Life Center has been currently funded by Perfect Praise Music only. But our vision is larger than we can do alone. As of November 2021, the Center’s activities will be funded by Perfect Praise, Inc and individuals and groups who support our mission and goals

Want to Help? We are accepting applications for coordinators and workers who share the vision and are interested in donating your area of expertise to make a difference in others’ lives.

Note: Tax deductible gifts and donations can be received through our non-profit corporation, Perfect Praise Projects, LLC. Contact us for more information.

Contact Us: If you are interested in participating with us in any area listed above, please contact Denie Riggs at

Thank you in advance for Partnering with Us.