Piano Lessons for Kids Online (Academic)

Online Learning Piano Course for Kids in the Classroom

Your students can learn to play the piano with our teachers Michael and Denie Riggs, who have taught Kids N Keys piano lessons since 1998. There are many ways to structure this program for your academic environment.

Read the specifics below, then Contact Mrs. Denie Riggs for more information.



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Piano Lessons for Kids ~ Online Learning Course

For Academic Environments 

the power of music in special needs music class

Young children may learn to perform at the piano while their brain is still actively forming with our non-traditional Kids N Keys piano lessons. Students learn to read and perform music notation on treble clef and bass clef, compose original songs, develop ear training, flashcard fun and lots of basic music theory presented in a fun, child-friendly approach.

The academic benefits of engagement with the piano are amazing. Your student body’s academics, SAT and testing scores will improve across the board. Piano Recitals will be amazing and effective with our Perfect Praise Teacher training and support.

Varied Programs suited to meet your needs

Perfect Praise has developed two different structures to meet the needs of your academic environment.

The daily program includes activities for students to complete on a daily basis. These structures enable reinforcement of piano activities for very young children. Can be incorporated in a group academic setting taking about 15 minutes daily.

Sample Activities Daily Structures

The Weekly program includes ONE video to watch on a weekly basis, with structures for practicing laid out for daily basis.  Video length varies by lesson, ranging from 15- 25 minutes weekly.

Sample Activities for Weekly Structures


  • Five levels of virtual lessons taught by Michael and Denie Riggs, our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals and includes hundreds of theory games.
  • This acclaimed Online Learning Piano Course follows our in-studio Kids N Keys program, structured for children ages 4.5 to 8 years and beyond
  • Piano Lessons during these early years, gets the most benefit for brain-function enrichment while there are open windows of enhancement.
  • Dripped content gives access weekly to not overwhelm, then unlimited interactions gives lots of review time.
  • Lessons contain packed-in interactive musical activities that are fun and engaging for young children … and older students alike!
  • They can enjoy these lessons over and over again, as your Learner learns to play the piano, the most beneficial instrument for brain function enhancement.
  • FREE Tech support to ensure that you are able to get the most benefit from your Online Learning Course for Piano.
  • Option:  Your students can learn correctly because this program may include a Piano Coach from our Perfect Praise Music team who will interact with parents on a weekly basis providing accountability and proficiency.

At Early Childhood Music we have developed several structure options for your Elementary Aged students. 

Those Options May Include:  

  • Training YOUR Music or Classroom Teacher to lead the activities in the classroom
    • We have developed a Teacher Portal with training videos and more to support your Teacher
    • We will provide the training, materials and lesson plans virtually
    • Step-by-step program to creating vibrant music classes in your facility with YOUR teacher
  • Zoom Music Lessons
    • You could choose to provide a weekly Zoom music class with our LIVE teachers (via Zoom.us)
    • This option could stand alone or be added in conjunction with another option
  • Online Learning Course
    • We have developed an Online Learning Course that follows a themed curriculum each semester
    • Your classroom Teacher would show one lesson each week
    • You might also choose to give access to your parents at home to help create a musical home environment
  • Themed Curriculum is Recommended for Each Student
    • A HomePlay worksheet may be completed as part of music class or during the week
    • If desired, HomePlay assignments may be uploaded to our Teaching Team via the Upload Portal.

Startup Fee, Monthly Tuition Fees will vary depending on: 

  • The options you’d like offered at your school
  • How many students attend each classroom/facility

Financing Your School Music Program:

Adding music to your school is very affordable, for as low as adding a few dollars per student per lesson, charged by the month. We have several different structures and options. Email Mrs. Denie Riggs for customized program and billing information.