Preschool Music Online Program (Academic)

Preschool Music Lessons for Babies and Toddlers

Rhymes and Rhythms Online Classroom is more than just a weekly music class.  It’s a full program where we incorporate all styles of learning with Online Learning Courses, Coloring Sheets and a Rhymes and Rhythms Book and audio tracks.

Early active musical participation classes at your school will change your student’s development in wonderful and fun ways!

Sample Lesson

SyllabusEnhance your toddler


ON LINE Preschool Online Music Program

Enhance your Preschool Classroom with our ONLINE Rhymes and Rhythms music class for young children.

Preschool children have FUN doing music while developing rhythm skills, dexterity & coordination and ear training; while learning to sing, dance and play the piano.  This online program gives them a great foundation for older music programs and they will learn musical skills to become a musician for life.  In our Rhymes and Rhythms music class they also receive brain enhancement for amazing academics later.

Preschool music research indicates that the younger a child starts to be involved with active musical participation, the greater the benefit for enhanced academics throughout their life.  (You might want to read this article  on the subject put out by Medical Daily.)

But the benefits of toddler music classes just starts there!  Language development is greatly enhanced and propelled forward by your child being in a singing environment.

These fast-paced partner-based toddler music classes also include the piano.  The piano is the activity of choice beyond any activity your toddler can be involved in, changing your toddler’s cognitive development early while their brain is actively wiring.

At Early Childhood Music we have developed several structure options for your Preschool Classroom.

Other Specifics:   

  • Training YOUR Music or Classroom Teacher to lead the activities in the classroom
    • We have developed a Teacher Portal with training videos and more to support your Teacher
    • We will provide the training, materials and lesson plans virtually
    • Step-by-step program to creating vibrant music classes in your facility with YOUR teacher
  • Online Learning Course (View Sample Lesson)
    • We have developed two different types of Toddler Online Music Lessons
    • Choose from one video lesson each week to watch over and over as desired or
    • Choose from separated activities to enjoy over and over as desired
    • You might also choose to give access to your parents at home to help create a musical home environment
  • Weekly Coloring Sheets
    • Coloring sheets that support the themed lesson may be added to your program