Online Music Class for 3-4 Years (for Academic Environments)

music class for kids ages 3-4 yearsYour Perfect Praise Music Classroom May Include:

  • Weekly Zoom Lesson (seasonal)
  • Online Learning Courses

Startup Fees, Monthly Tuition Fees will be customized according to your interest and student enrollment. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.  

Be sure to include:

  1. Total number of students to receive weekly music lessons
  2. Other Options- see below

Email Mrs. Denie at for a customized structure and tuition quote.

See Sample Lesson

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Music Classrooms for Kids Ages 3-4 Years (Academic )

Early Childhood Music ~ Give Them the Best Start ~ Music Classroom for Kids Ages 3-4 Years!

Our music class for kids ages 3 and 4 years paves the way for early piano study, advanced ear training, hand-eye coordination, language development and more! And now, our Online Academic Program includes options like weekly Zoom Lessons and our Online Learning Courses.

This music class for kids ages 3-4 years is fun, creative and life-changing. Our 3-4 year old students develop rhythm skills, dexterity and coordination, ear training, while learning to sing, dance and play the piano. They also learn to compose songs and learn important social skills. All the while they are getting a great musical foundation to prepare for their 4.5 year old piano program.

At Early Childhood Music we have developed several structure options for your 3-4 year old Classrooms.

Those Options May Include:

  • Training YOUR Music or Classroom Teacher to lead the activities in the classroom
    • We have developed a Teacher Portal with training videos and more to support your Teacher
    • We will provide the training, materials and lesson plans virtually
    • Step-by-step program to creating vibrant music classes in your facility with YOUR teacher
  • Zoom Music Lessons
    • You could choose to provide a weekly 25- minute Zoom music class with our LIVE teachers (via
    • This option could stand alone or be added in conjunction with another option
  • Online Learning Course
    • We have developed an Online Learning Course that follows a themed curriculum each semester
    • Your classroom Teacher would show one lesson each week
    • You might also choose to give access to your parents at home to help create a musical home environment, or offer them to opt-in on their own…
  • Themed Curriculum for each student
    • A HomePlay worksheet may be completed as part of music class or during the week
    • If desired, HomePlay assignments may be uploaded to our Teaching Team via the Upload Portal.

Monthly Tuition will vary depending on:

  • How many students attend each classroom/facility
  • The customized program structures that meet YOUR needs!

Funding Your School Music Program:

Adding music to your school is very affordable, starting with just a few dollars, per student, per week. Email Us for customized billing information.

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