Celebrate the Season for Young Children (Sample)

Perfect Praise Music

Celebrate the Season

A Fun, Piano-based Fall Musical Study

for Young Children

Sample Lesson

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Welcome to our Sample Lesson of Celebrate the Season.

This is a full lesson that your children may enjoy over and over again. The course contains 16 lessons of fun, musical activities, ear training, piano study and performance, worksheets presented by Mr. Michael Riggs and the Perfect Praise Puppet Pals.

Welcome to Celebrate the Season music class!

Mr. Michael will tell us what's up this lesson!

Let's join Pedro and Suzie for the Hello Song!


Now that we are getting ready for Thanksgiving, let's listen as Pedro and Suzie sing Joyful, Joyful We Adore TheeWhat a beautiful hymn. 

Let's hear more about worship with Mr. Michael. 

Let's meet one of our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals, Trot Trot.

One of our featured songs this lesson is Trot, Trot Little DonkeyHere is Mr. Michael to teach us musically about what we are going to be singing.  Then get your rhythm sticks and lets sing it together. 

First let's enjoy Pedro and Suzie on American Indians.

Now sing Five Finger Song. Stand up and do your solfege movement with Mr. Michael. 

Now let's sing the Jesus Jive

Let's sing If You're HappyGet your sticks! 

Let's sing God Loves YOU

Now, let's review our I KNOW song by first drawing the notes on our whiteboard.

Now, let's point and sing the notes. Join Mr. Michael for this review video. 

Now, we have been playing and singing solfege with our I KNOW song. This week, we are going to change to the words. You have can join us for the last line only, or point and sing the full song with Mr. Michael! So let's do it!  See Page 28, or from your whiteboard exercise above. 

It's time to compose more of our favorite things. Let's look at your Student Book Page 11. Mr. Michael will tell you more.

Let's start by playing the piano while singing the solfege on the last line of Page 29.

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Download [32.25 KB]

Okay, if you are ready, play and sing the words for I KNOW from your book, Pages 28-29. Here we go!

It's time for a new Rhythm Pattern #4 on page 41. Mr. Michael will tell you more.

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Download [294.58 KB]

Now, let's play a rhythm pattern with Christmas Around the World. Select from Rhythm Patterns 1, 2, or 3. Mr. Michael will tell you more. 

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Download [313.23 KB]

Mr. Michael has his step bells to sing with you; get ready to train your ears! 

Here is your HomePlay Assignment for this lesson:

  1. Play your favorite piano songs

  2. Review your favorite rhythm ensembles

  3. Color page 13

  4. Page 11, compose things you are thankful for that have 3 syllables

If your program includes a Piano Coach and the Upload Portal, send in your HomePlay for your teacher to review. Have a fun week! 

It's time to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Sing along with Mr. Snowball.  

Did you enjoy? You may Learn More about the full program here.

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