Celebrate Lesson 10 (Sample)

Perfect Praise Music

Celebrate the Season

A Fun, Piano-based Fall Musical Study

for Young Children


Lesson 1 Sample


Your music teacher for Celebrate the Season is Mr. Michael Riggs, President of Perfect Praise Music. 

Let's meet him and sing the Hello Song

The best thing to do every day is to worship God. So let's start out this lessons with LEARNING about worship, and then DOING it! 

Now, Everybody Praise the LordLet's join Mr. Michael.

The first lesson of each month we are going to sing the My Months song, and honor all of you who have a birthday this month. Let's learn more with Mr. Michael. 

Now, if it's YOUR birthday month, do the Happy Birthday Chant with Mr. Michael. 

It's important to have fun with your singing songs every lesson. So stand up, grab some rhythm instruments, gather your friends and have fun together.

First let's sing It's Music Time with egg shakers. Join Mr. Michael. 

It's time for the Hokey Pokey

This lesson we are talking about High and Low. Let's sing the Butterfly Song with Mr. Michael. 

Now Mr. Snowball has a few jokes for us about his favorite subject ... SNOW


Every lesson we are going to use our whiteboard to draw our music concepts. Mr. Michael is going to tell you what to do if you don't have a whiteboard kit.

Continuing our theme of LOW and HIGH, gather your whiteboard kits and let's learn more! 

Mr. Michael is going to show us Mama Do,  the starting note of music at the piano.  Draw Mama Do with him. 

Today's lesson is on HIGH and LOW. Let's tap our sticks HIGH or LOW with Mr. Michael and this fun song. 

Now, Mr. Michael wants to play Shout Out! with you. Get ready to learn more. 

Our featured note value this week is the whole note. Mr. Michael will show us how to tap it. Get your sticks and join him! 

Let's get started with some fun, easy keyboard songs. Let's Pop Baby Do. 

Now grab a little "friend" and let's ride The Train. Every time that Mr. Michael says, "Ready Set Go" slide your puppet from low to high or high to low on your keyboard ... Get ready to ride! 

One of our favorite train songs is the Little Choo ChooMr. Michael wants to show you how to play the train whistle on your keyboard. 


And here's the Little Choo Choo. Make your arms go in a circle.

Wave to Mac! Play the horn! Feel the beat!

During Rhythm Time each lesson Mr. Michael will teach us something new or review something old! 

First this lesson Mr. Michael is going to teach us about syllables and how to tap your name. Get your rhythm sticks or just clap your hands and get ready for some fun times. 

Now let's tap more syllables with Copy Cat

Every lesson, we have musical activities assigned to complete, called HomePlay because it's so much fun. Parents, see the Getting Started Guide for your HomePlay overview and the opportunity to upload HomePlay assignments to your teacher. 

For this first lesson, your HomePlay assignment includes: 

  1.  Listen to your CD

  2. Draw high and low whole notes on your whiteboard

  3. Play Pop Baby Do thinking about high and low notes at your piano

  4. Practice tapping your name and the name of those that live with you

If you have the Complete Program or are an in-studio student, you may upload your HomePlay to your teacher via the Upload Portal here. (See the Getting Started Guide for more info) 

It's time to sing the Goodbye Song with Pedro and Suzie.