Brain Function Enrichment for Academic Environments

As a school administrator, one of your primary goals is to have EVERY student in your care to experience enriched academics. That is what the piano’s study provides. And with Perfect Praise Online Piano Courses for kids, all the work is done for you!

When a child plays the piano and sings, every part of his/her brain is involved, and stimulated.

For children under the age of 7, this stimulation actually involves the neural connectors of the right brain and left brain to cross over and actually wire differently for enhanced abilities.  The result is higher grades, longer attention spans, musical and non-musical abilities that are beyond their peers.

For students older than 7 years, their brain is formatted by piano’s involvement for orderly storage and retrieval of information for 4-5 hours after they practice the piano. So if they practice the piano in the morning, they will get better grades!

Enriched Academics~ from Parent’s Perspective

Parents are looking for opportunities for their children that will make a difference in their life. Having piano lessons as a part of their child’s academic environment, is a sought-after benefit for your school.

Most children are involved in many activities, so that parents are literally pulled in many directions every weeknight. So having piano lessons at school will simplify their life and give them more time with their family.

Private piano lessons cost upwards of $100 month. Parents are happy to pay 1/4 of that price and have their child learn to play the piano in a group environment.