Our Early Childhood Curriculum for Academic Environments

Early Childhood Music (ECM) curriculum is non-traditional. Because of that structure, it fits really well into group training for schools.

Our curriculum was written based on the piano research in 1998 that indicated that 3 year old children are enriched academically by the piano.  Based on that research, we went to work to seek out a curriculum that checked 4 boxes:

  1. Piano based
  2. Fun
  3. Christian
  4. Non-traditional approach to work for preschool children

We literally searched the world wide. At that time, nothing was available that fit all four criteria, so we went to work writing our own piano-based curriculum for preschool children. The resulting program is called Early Childhood Music®. This program was God-breathed. It has been life-changing for countless thousands of students since 1998.

Early Childhood Music® (ECM)specifics:

  • Curriculum for all ages from 6 months and up
  • Very strong piano lessons from age 4.5 years and up (K4- 2nd or 3rd Grades)
  • Includes singing, ear training, rhythm, composing, movement, transposing, worship training and much more
  • Perfect for group learning

Piano Courses for Academic Environments – Our most popular course for 4.5 – 8 years and beyond

  • Has a video series for classroom and for home use
  • Laid out in easy-to-follow HomePlay assignments that follow the videos
  • Lessons Plans for Facilitator to follow
  • Active musical participation, composing, rhythm exercises
  • Motivational Themes to encourage proficiency
  • More!

Curriculum and Online Courses for Preschoolers and Elementary Grades

We have Online Learning Music Courses for all ages.

  • Toddlers – Active musical participation in your classroom.
  • K3 and K4  – Active Musical Participation Classes. We have a variety of themes to choose from including: God Made the World, Come to the Sea, Are We There Yet? Noah’s Ark, Musical Manger, Christmas Around the World, International Christmas and more…
  • K4, K5- 4 or 5th grades
  • Special Needs Piano- Recommended to be offered in small groups or 1 on 1 instruction with parental follow-up at home.
  • Worship Recorder – Recommended for 1st- 5th grades
  • Worship Guitar – Recommended for 1st- 6th grades