God Made the World Book


God Made the World student book for preschool children.

This wonderful musical program will delight your child or students in your Early Childhood Music Center. Also available as a downloadable/printable (PDF) for international students, or those who’d prefer it.


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God Made the World

Preschool Musical Curriculum

God Made the World curriculum gives 20 fun, fast-paced lessons.

Each lesson is broken down into ear training, rhythm instrument activities, sign language, keyboard activities, and more fun, musical things than you can achieve in each lesson.  You may use it just as it is, or modify it to suit your needs.

Can be an expanded for a year study in a private Christian School, Bible School, or taught at home with just your child. Your child will learn what God created in each day of the week in sign language. It is a must have for Christian schools and daycares.

This 78 page student book takes the children through the 7 days of creation. With pictures to color, sign language and fun musical activities, your child’s world will be enlarged. Suitable for children ages 3 and up.

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