M1: Getting Started Guide

Perfect Praise Music

Module One

Getting Started Guide

Each module of Worship Piano contains tons of downloadable printable lead sheets and chord charts. Each one is available as you go. But if you would prefer to print all of them out and place them into an organized notebook before you begin, they are available here in PDF format. 

Download Module 1 Super Doc here. 

One of the mandates of Perfect Praise Music is to mentor worshipping musicians. Playing the piano for a lesson, or for your own enjoyment is TOTALLY different than performing with a band, group or congregation. Check with our office about worship mentoring groups that you might could join. 

Worship Piano was created to stand along as a self-study course.

However, it is possible to study Worship Piano with a teacher. Private instruction may be available via FaceTime, Zoom Classroom or in person. Periodically Worship Piano Course may be offered. Check with Perfect Praise office for more information.