Music Helps Autism

Music Helps Autism!

Music Helps Autism is a book authored by Mrs. Denie Riggs, after working with children with special needs for nearly 20 years.

With a non-traditional approach to the piano, music’s power can help heal symptoms of autism.

In our Music Helps Autism case study (2013)  71% of the students, ranging between ages 4 and 11 years, diagnosed with non-verbal autism, began speaking words within 4 weeks of starting our musical program.  86% began by the end of the study.

Other families documented enriched life skills, language, academics and much more.  Our Music Helps Autism gives the children something amazing to focus their attention on and to excel with… the piano.  As students engage with the piano their brain is changed, permitting more engagement and benefits, permitting more engagement and benefits, permitting more engagement and benefits….

This book is life-changing!  All of the special needs programs offered by Perfect Praise Inc. are founded on the principals of this book.  Your child can benefit also.

“I believe that music has helped my son in language development, social skills, behavior regulation, reading skills, self-determination and confidence.  Mrs. Denie’s program has paved the way and given the tools for my son to be able to venture out of his own world into a world that he can contribute to and be successful in.     ~ Renee, a parent of a child with autism.”

Denie Riggs is a traditionally trained piano teacher and author of several piano based publications.  Denie wrote Music Helps Autism after decades of working with children with special needs.  Her non-traditional approach of teaching music  works with children with autism … with astounding results. Denie Riggs

  • Children who were non-verbal began singing first and then speaking
  • Attention spans have been expanded
  • Social skills have been developed
  • Musical skills have been unmasked
  • Academics have been enhanced

In Music Helps Autism, Denie shares the vital research behind music and the elements of her non-traditional teaching style. She shares the tools that work with her students, so your child can experience the benefits also.

Powerful Share Their Story! Parent testimonial segments are scattered throughout the book.  These were written by care-givers who have walked in your shoes and have witnessed amazing changes in their child on the autism spectrum. Their documented accounts will excite you that music can make a difference in your child’s life also.

Although Music Helps Autism is written specifically for parents, Denie Riggs shares her approach and techniques for music teachers, therapists and other interested professionals.

Music Helps Autism is certain to change the way you think about music, as you apply it’s power into your child’s life and those around you.

What will your child’s story be?

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