Home Lessons for Children with Special Needs ~ Module 2

$45.00 / month and a $15.00 sign-up fee

These are exact same videos that the students who completed the Music Helps Autism Case Study participated with.

Download and print out the Module’s Overviews (available after purchase)

$45.00 month, cancel at any time! Unlimited Views.  Start today!

What will your child’s story be?



 Combining the Power of Music and the Power of the Piano to transform lives!

We bring all the power of our Music4Me Class activities into your home for daily interaction to bring about the greatest engagement.  As children begin to engage with the music, their brain begins to change, permitting more engagement and some amazing benefits begin to flow.

 A wonderful circle of healing begins.

The Home Online Learning Classes involve active musical participation with colorful egg shakers, maracas, jingle taps, step bells, lumni sticks, scarfs, wrist bells and even participation on a keyboard.  These videos were filmed in a classroom of children which help draw in the viewer, and were led by Mrs. Denie Riggs as part of the Autism Case Study (2013).

A very planned and intensive musical environment is the key to changing brain patterns.

Our Home Online Learning Course contains 7  videos linked to this website.  So anywhere your child has internet, they have the ability to engage with them.

On-going by the month… cancel at any time.

What will your child’s story be?

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