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In the wonderful world of making music, sometimes traditional curricula just don’t fit the needs of all students.   At Perfect Praise Music, we have studied the curriculums available, and have developed non-traditional instructional approaches that works for very young children and those who need a different approach.

Our non-traditional approach work wonderfully for the following groups of study:KnK Level 1

  • Preschool Children: In the traditional world of piano lessons, music lessons begin at age 7.5.   However, learning piano offers incredible benefits for children under the age of 7 including brain-function enhancement, ear training, natural rhythm, and more!  Some of those potential benefits have expired by the time a child reaches the brain development of a 7-year-old. The earlier a child can be exposed to piano-based music stimulation, the better!

It took us about 10 years to develop our non-traditional piano-based musical curriculum for babies to age 8 years and beyond.  This Early Childhood Music®~ Give Them the Best Start (ECM) curriculum internalizes the learning process making it easy for preschoolers to excel at the piano, while those windows of opportunity are open.

  • Our ECM curriculum varies by the age of the student, and gives the care-giver the tools to bring about musical and non-musical benefits from any age.
  • Our ECM graduates are able to perform at the piano in five different keys, transpose and compose their original songs.  If they come up in the program, they will accomplish all of those incredible feats by age 7.5, when others are just beginning traditional methods.
  • Early piano-based music changes the way their brain wires, bringing academic enrichment for the rest of their lives.


  • Special Needs: Piano is the very best instrument of study for every person.  Since 1998, we have had students with special learning needs come into our ECM programs and have found that our non-traditional curriculum worked wonderfully for them.  The success was so substantial that in 2013, we did our own case study and wrote a book, Music Helps Autism.  We also accept older students with dementia or other brain related illness, with incredible results.


  • Adult Beginners: Although adults can use traditional methods of piano study, we have found that the slow pace of those traditional method books were sometimes frustrating.  So we developed our 50+ Piano Program where adult students learn one familiar song each week.  Three ten-week sessions gently guide our adults into traditional note reading, gently launching them into the traditional world of making music at the piano, while enjoying all the wonderful benefits of doing so.


  • Worshipping Musicians: Perfect Praise Music has developed musical curriculum as tools for study and enjoyment for those who would like to offer worship to the Lord.  Those curricula include Piano Improvisation, Piano Improvisation for Kids, and Times of Refreshing.  With the use of these curricula, students are enabled to ad lib to the lead sheet and hymns, developing their own style of piano performance and worship.


Interested in more information?  Contact us for a FREE Consultation with our Programs Director.  We’ll help you select a musical curriculum that best suits your needs.


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