KNK Piano Course Level 1 Original Version (Sample)

Perfect Praise Music

Welcome to Our Online Piano Lessons for Kids!  (Original Version)

Sample Lesson

This is the complete first video in a 16 week session for Kids N Keys Level 1. Putting the power of the piano at work in kids!

With these weekly lessons, your child can learn to play the piano in 16 weeks. Look what they will learn to do in 16 weeks.  (This is Lesson 1, Level 1 of 7 Levels of study)

In these 16 lessons, your Learner will learn to:

  • Read and perform at the piano with the right hand treble clef notes
  • Read and perform quarter notes and quarter rests
  • Read flashcards
  • Train the listening ear for solfege patterns
  • Compose their own song
  • And more!

In the partner-driven program you have the wonderful opportunity to learn right along with your child.

Let’s get ready to have fun! Register for the full weekly program here.

Course Content