What do you have for adults?

Perfect Praise offers musical programs for every member of your family …  babies from 12 weeks through seniors.  In our adult program, we offer the following class types:

  • Adult Piano Lab lessons – We offer on-going individualized piano lessons, where up to 4 students meets together under headphones in a digital piano lab.  Adults age 60 and over get a tuition discount.
  • Guitar and Piano Private Lessons– We offer private instruction on the guitar and the piano.
  • 50+ Piano– We offer adult beginner piano class for adults over age 18, in our 50+ piano program.  These classes are a fun, and inexpensive way to start your study at the piano.
  • Camps and Workshops – We offer various types of workshops, temporary classes and summer programs.  Register for our newsletters to keep up to date!

Feel free to call the office for a non-obligation appointment to discuss your enrollment interests and desires.   256- 348-6634

When is the best time for me to enroll?

Glad you asked!  Welcome to Perfect Praise, Inc.

We have two types of lessons… on-going and sessions. Entry points differ by these class types.

Open Enrollment in our On-Going Classes:  In our on-going structure, new students may enroll at any time based on availability of openings.  These adult class types include Piano Lab and Private Lessons.

Progressive Sessions:  Some of our Perfect Praise Music program types are progressive and require session commitments.  The only adult sessions include:  Summer Programs, Workshops, Improvisation Courses and 50+ Piano.

Am I too old to learn?

Absolutely not!

We have worked with adults for many years!  It takes two things to be successful.  One is the desire… and secondly is time to practice.

You must commit to practicing the best you can, and usually 15-20 minutes a day is sufficient.  Adults sometimes find that a challenge, so just have fun and do your best.  Just know that your brain is working really hard, and is bringing all the benefits of piano-based music into your future.

What is your weather cancellation policy?

One thing that is certain about Alabama weather is that we experience all the variances that Mother Nature has to offer!

We have been advised by our attorneys to follow the Huntsville City School system as they have more resources at hand than we do.

Our Weather Policy is that if the Huntsville City School System has announced closing due to anything except snow, we will follow their lead.  So if they close at 2:00 for all after school activities, we will close also.  If they open at 10 a.m., we will open at 10 a.m. also.

HOWEVER, in the case of a snow forecast, and snow has not fallen, then we will wait until the radar shows that threatening weather is moving into the Muscle Shoals area and will make an announcement by changing the voicemail greeting on our office number.  So in that case, you make one phone call to us.   at 256-348-6634.  Make this call about an hour before your class time for updated information.

But … even if we are open.  Please do not try to attend class if the weather doesn’t permit safe travel in your area.

If the weather related question occurs in the summer, then call the office for information.

Weather-related tuition for cancelled classes are neither rescheduled (due to full schedules) or refunded, since those cancellations are out of our control.

Do I have to perform on stage?

We love for our students to perform and give many performing opportunities in the class room, in the School Lobby and in Formal Recitals held twice a year, however, our adult students do not have to perform on stage.

Performance skills are wonderful but can be overwhelming, especially if you are an adult beginner.  We try to offer regular performing opportunities in the classroom, and in our lobby performing area.  Occasionally we will conduct an adult only performance opportunity, like a Christmas Performance Party or a Valentine Banquet.

We have school-wide performance fees.  The way that works is that every registered student from age 6 months up, must pay this fee regardless of whether you participate or not.  But we exempt adults who do not wish to participate.  If you choose to participate in any of our performance options that has a performance fee attached, you are required to pay that fee.   Usually the Performance Fee ranges between  $25 and $45 each recital, depending on we do and are announced one month out.

I’m going to be out of the country for two months, will you hold my space in class?

No, I’m sorry but your monthly tuition is required to hold your space, as we usually have waiting lists for availability and bills to pay!  (Sad but true!)

Your calendar says we only get three lessons in December, will my tuition rate be lower?

Our tuition rate is based on a four-week month and the tuition remains the same regardless of the number of lessons in each month.  Two or three times a year, you will receive five lessons in a month at no additional cost to you. So it may average out to approximately four lessons per month depending on the day of the week that your lesson occurs.

How can I earn free lessons?

A satisfied customer is our best advertising, and we are pleased that most of our new students are referred to our program by other students. That’s exciting for us; it’s also exciting for you! When you refer someone to our program, you earn a free lesson. It’s our way of thanking you for spreading the word.

To get this credit, the registering family must name you on their application, or you may send our Student Account Secretary an e-mail to notify us of your referral within 30 days of the start date of the new family. Your credited lesson is awarded the next calendar month after your referred family has attended the Partner Workshop and began classes.

There are no limits to the number of friends you can refer, so help us spread the word about our program. The Referral Credit has no cash value and cannot be transferred.

Do I have to set up Recurring Billing?

As with any business, time is money.  We have set structures in place to save us money and in the long run, will also save you money.  One area that saves us time and money is recurring billing.  We ask that each family provide us with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover debit or credit card for your account to run monthly.

Our recurring billing structures are safe for you and simple for us.  We do recurring billing with Quick Books.  Once you are in our system, your bank account is charged early morning on the 1st, even if it fall on a Sunday.  Quick Books posts your payment directly to your account with us.  If it is declined for some reason, they will notify you and us.  We give you until the 10th of the month to get your account current again to avoid late fees.

  • We operate a paperless system so you will not receive a tuition invoice.
  • Tuition is charged by the month, in advance.
  • You are charged for lessons that you miss or cancel as we are holding a space just for you.
  • Tuition is not refunded for any reason.

Advance Check:  With that being said, if you desire to pay by check, you may write an advance tuition check for 3-6 months.  When payment is due again, we will notify you for another advance check.  As long as you stay ahead of the tuition, you have this privilege… but if your account goes into arrears at any time, you will need to set up recurring.  $35 returned check fee applies.