TNT is Dynamite!

By Mrs. Denie Riggs
Founder, Early Childhood Music

This week, a new staff member saw me write “TNT”, an abbreviation for our Tots ‘n Time Toddler program. She laughed and remarked that the toddler classes are certainly explosive!

She was right! When active toddlers are experiencing music class together, there is a lot of explosive and energetic fun. These little guys have a fresh enthusiasm that makes teaching the toddler classes one of my favorites.

The exciting part is that music class with toddlers and babies produces an explosion of another kind, neuron brain wiring. Researchers indicate that when very young children are actively involved with clapping, tapping, thumping, and beating to the music, their brains explode with activity. A toddler’s brain is already extremely active and absorbent, adding music to the mix increases that incredible stimulation making music very beneficial to children of this age.

But wait… there’s more. Since these children are in their formative years, the links that form between their brain hemispheres remain for the rest of the child’s life. What does that mean? It means enhanced academics, enriched hand-eye coordination, early speaking, accelerated reading skills, and so much more. And don’t forget, these links remain FOR THE DURATION OF A CHILD’S LIFE. Meaning music classes TODAY could benefit your child for the rest of his or her life!

You get all of this for $10 a week? Yes … and Music Class is fun at Early Childhood Music! Day and Evening Classes offered!

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