Ten Ways to Musically Enhance your Baby

Ten Ways to Musically Enhance Your Baby


Mrs. Denie Riggs

The newest music research indicates that eight month old babies have more neural synapses in their brain seeking paths to wire than at any other age of a person.  That means if your baby is involved in active musical participation at a very early age, their brain actively wires the hemispheres together creating enhanced brain activity. That brain wiring enhances your child academically, physically and emotionally and since it is done in the preschool years, it remains for the rest of their lives!

Let music’s amazing power influence your baby’s development; these precious early opportunities cannot be recaptured.

We give you ten ways to get you started!

Newborn Babies:

  • Your baby knows your voice and responds to it; so sing to your baby. It doesn’t matter if you sing off pitch… just sing!
  • When baby is fussy, play a familiar CD that you listened to while your baby was in utereo. Because of prenatal memories, your baby will remember and be comforted.
    enhance your baby

    Musically Enhance Your Baby

  • Dance around the room holding your baby in the cradle or burp position, while singing songs with different meters and styles.
  • Do massage rhymes, rhythmically stroking your baby during bath time, diaper change time or if your baby has colic.

Older Babies:

Many wonderful studies show that active participation with music wires the sensory system of a baby.  This type of development relates to language, communication and perceptual skills…and begins now.

  • Once your baby is old enough to hold his/her head up, gently bounce your baby to rhythmic chants and songs.
  • Set aside a time every day to make music together. Invest in some baby-proof hand instruments to use at music time, like egg shakers or maracas.  Get on the floor together and do some fun, rhythmic floor games.
  • Listening to certain styles of classical music enhances your child’s brain wiring, so incorporate this style of music into your baby’s environment daily.
  • Some babies do not enjoy traveling strapped in a car seat, so ease their stress by playing a favorite joyful music CD’s or classical music.
  • Put your baby in a jumper and surround them with music with a strong beat. They will bounce themselves to the beat.
  • Remember to worship God with your baby. God created a wonderful circle of LOVE…

He created music as tool for us to worship Him…

When we are obedient to do that, we are enhanced: spirit, soul and body… and God is Praised!

Interested in more information about how to musically enhance your baby?   We offer lessons and baby curriculum!

  • Consider signing up for lessons for your baby and toddler!  Lessons are $10 per week.
  • We have developed a step-by-step curriculum, called the Perfect Praise Baby that shows you specifically what to do with your baby from newborn to age three. This book contains over 200 specific methods, tips, songs, rhymes, floor games, massage and diaper rhymes, as well as the lyrics to the forty-three songs on the Perfect Praise Baby CD.    Download it as an e-book or as a hard copy from our office.
  • The Perfect Praise Baby CD contains over 43 songs in split-track and accompanies the Perfect Praise Baby Book, or may be used alone.
  • Perfect Praise, Inc. offers a full selection of preschool piano curriculum to age eight years.
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