Why Should Babies/ Toddlers Take Music Lessons?

Should Babies/Toddlers Take Music Lessons?

By Michael Riggs

President, Perfect Praise Inc.

Why should babies/toddlers take music lessons?

There are many reasons to have babies participate in music class. Our program at Perfect Praise Music includes the piano even in our baby/toddler classes. The piano is the number one instrument for brain function enhancement, giving benefits way beyond other musical programs.

Here are the main ones that researchers trumpet, and we have witnessed in our Early Childhood Music school over the past two decades.

  1. Environment Dictates Musical Abilities: The fact that some children are musicians or very musical and some are not, is not by God-granted selection or heredity, it’s by environment. All babies are born with natural rhythm, and all babies can vocalize musically. The fact is that any baby exposed to a musical environment in the formative years, while the brain is wiring – will be a musician.
  2. Active Musical Participation Enhances Physical Coordination: We witnessed this amazingly in our own programs several years ago, when we administrated a worship dance program as well as Early Childhood Music. Some children took only dance, while others took both music and dance. The music students were far more coordinated as dancers. So, Dad, if you want your baby to be a good ball player, get them in music class early.
  3. Social Skills are Developed more quickly and easily when a baby or toddler participates in music class. We have seen this demonstrated time and time again over the two decades of our classes.
  4. IQ and Academic Achievement are Enhanced Dramatically: Engagement with piano-based music causes the left and right brain hemispheres to engage or work or flow together and develops the child’s creative side and their intellectual side. This causes a person to operate creatively and intellectually to the maximum degree.
  • Music formats the brain for learning. When any person of any age participates in music their brain is formatted to store and recall information in an orderly way.
  • Music organizes the brain for processing information. This happens with anyone of any age. However, when a child from conception through ages five or six — the formative years — participates in music, the activities produced in the brain cause a permanent, lasting enhancement.

Recently I’ve been following social media about a young lady who was enrolled in our program as a six-month-old baby. She is now 20 years old. Her achievements and accomplishments in life right now are amazing, but that’s not the most impressive thing to me. I remember when her parents took her for a routine baby checkup a few months after they put our in our music program. The mother, a medical doctor herself, was amazed at how far ahead of her peers and the norms her baby was, after just a short time of participating in music.

We track all our Early Childhood Music Department graduates. Their academic performance, test results, and reading levels are all amazing. It’s also impressive the way they lead their peer groups and are well ahead of norms for their age/grade in all these areas: academic, leadership skills, social interaction, dance and athletics skills, etc.

So.  Why should every parent or grandparent enroll their baby/toddler in music class?

Because the brain activity produced by music causes a baby to have mental activity that is frankly at a higher level than babies who don’t participate in music, the results being enhancement in every area of life.

We offer baby/toddler lessons for only $10 a week. What’s not to love?

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