Current Zoe Life Projects Updated April 2023

Our vision for the Zoe Life Center is huge. Our abilities are so limited in comparison. But God gave the vision, and where HE provides the vision, HE also provides funding and manpower for that vision. And HE uses all of us to make it happen.

Here is a current list of items/projects/tasks that we are working on. Let us know how you may be able to help us.

  • Please support our fundraisers. Raising funds in a new experience for us. And neither Michael nor I (Denie) feel comfortable with doing that. BUT, we feel called to this Zoe Life Ministry Center, as we know the power that it will have in changing lives. God dramatically indicated that HE wants more than just Michael and I involved in building and supporting the Zoe Life Center (Read my blog if you missed it!) We will be hosting fund raisers periodically.  Please help us raise funds by supporting those events. Thank you in advance!
  • We reached out to a grant writer friend in Nashville, who agreed to help us acquire grants. This project, at this point, has come to a standstill. This may resume at some point. If you know of anyone who might help us in this area, please reach out to Denie.
  • There is a well on the property. It needs a pump system and then we will have the water tested. We will use the water for irrigating the Zoe Life Garden and for other things, depending on it’s quality. We are getting estimates for the cost of this project, but it may be several thousand dollars to test and to build the well facility around it. More info to come as we open this project up to public support.
  • We plan to build an awning over the front outdoor waiting area, and build a worship pavilion by the Zoe Life Café. We need funds for building these out, and for furniture for both areas.
  • The property has not been surveyed, so we don’t exactly know where our property lines are. We are on a raising funds for this service, which may cost between $1600 to $4800. You may donate to this project, or if you know of ways to quickly move forward, please contact us.
  • We originally desired 20 acres, and purchased 2. However, there is 18 acres for sale next door to our property. Pray with us for funding for that property if it’s in God’s will. If we gain that property, we plan to build housing for families to stay on the property when attending conferences, summer camps etc. We have other Zoe Life fund-raising ideas to do with the property, should we obtain it.
  • Our long term goal is to build a large, conference teaching center that will double as a recital hall, etc. The cost of this is very high, and we will be fund raising for it, once some of the more pressing items are taken care of.
  • We are seeking volunteers to help in many areas of our expansion. Please let us know if you have areas of expertise or know of small groups, Sunday School Classes, or anyone who may be interested in helping us!

Keep the Zoe Life Ministry Center in your prayers!  We have lots of plans to add to these projects listed here. We will move forward as we can!

If interested in helping in any way, please contact me by email at or text me at 256-348-6634. Please put Zoe Life Center in the subject box. Thank you in advance!

Thank you for your help and interest. 

Together, We Can Do More!