Kids N Keys Class

Piano Lessons

Ages 4.5 – 8 Years (and beyond)

Piano lessons for young children is called Kids ‘n Keys.  It is so much more than piano.

  • Our Kids N Keys department is a well-rounded piano-based musical program.
  • Students, ages 4.5 to 8 years with a partner, learn to play the piano, recorder, percussion and guitar in a fun-filled classroom environment.
  • These life-changing piano-based classes are fun, fast-paced and include singing, composing, ear training and performance training.
  • An online learning program is included with this in-studion program.
  • And, since we are partner-based, a parent or guardian will learn to play the piano and guitar also!

What a wonderful way to recieve all the musical and non-musical benefits of playing the piano in the early years. 

Pre Kids N Keys
4.5 –  6 Years

Pre Kids N Keys:  A Prerequisite for children Ages 4.5  – 5 years to prepare them to do the Kids N Keys piano lesson structures. (Children ages 6-8 can enroll directly into Kids N Keys Level 1.)

3-5 month session (varies by season)

Kids N Keys Level 1
 5- 8 Years and Beyond

Kids N Keys Level 1: The course for children ages 5 – 8 years. (Children under age 6 must complete the Pre KNK structures first.)  Level One of Kids N Keys piano lesson structures introduces treble clef note reading, solo performances while earning rewards all along the way.  Virtual program included.

4 -5 month session (varies by season)

Kids N Keys Level 2
Kids N Keys Level 2

Kids N Keys Level 2: Students enjoy bass clef note reading and performing at grand staff in whole, half and dotted half notes.

4 -5 month session (varies by season)

Kids N Keys Level 3
 Kids N Keys Level 3

Kids N Keys Level 3Now that students are mastering the grand staff, we explore shell chords and begin our study on the recorder for additional note reading and to set the stage for band instruments after graduation.

4 -5 month session (varies by season)

Kids N Keys Level 4
Kids N Keys Level 4

Kids N Keys Level 4Students expand into the G major position with melody and chords.  Transposing is introduced as is the use of finger numbers, and the recorder’s study continues.

5 -6  month session (varies by season)

Kids N Keys Level 5
Kids N Keys Level 5

Kids N Keys Level 5: The Key of F Major is incorporated into our songs, modulation chords are introduced as we begin transposing everything.  The alphabet musical system is studied in addition to the solfege system.  And, excitingly, we begin to add the study of guitar/ukulele.

5 -6 month session ( varies by the season)

Kids N Keys Level 6
Kids N Keys Level 6

Kids N Keys Level 6: We expand our training into the Keys of D minor and A minor, and begin to move all around the piano.  The guitar, ukulele and recorder are continued to be studied.

5 -6 month session (varies by the season)

Kids N Keys Level 7
Kids N Keys Level 7

Kids N Keys Level 7For an easy flow into traditional lessons after graduation, Level 7 incorporates a traditional method book without ear training and partners.  Levels 6 and 7 are studied concurrently, followed by our celebration with a very tall violet trophy and being honored at our graduation banquet.

5 month session

I love the fact that every attempt my child makes is rewarded and praised.

My child learned to hear and match pitch so well that he can pick out all of the songs that we sing in church and transpose them!

How blessed we are that we have found this program. Even my husband sings the songs as he goes through his work day. They are catchy and get inside your head!


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