Ages 4.5 – 6 Years

  • Our Pre Kids N Keys classes are partner-based, piano lessons for students age 4.5 years to 6 years (and up), presented in a non-traditional classroom format.
  • The Pre Kids N Keys program prepares children for the structures and HomePlay of the Kids N Keys program.
  • The Pre Kids N Keys program is required for children under six before they may begin the Level 1 Kids N Keys Class.
  • Our classes are fun, fast-paced and include singing and various hand rhythm instruments.
  • Season curriculum is offered periodically: Come to the Sea, Are We There Yet? God Made the World, Noah’s Ark, Celebrate the Season, Musical Manger, Christmas Around the World or International Christmas.

little girl at the piano
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The Benefits

  • When your child plays the piano and sings, every part of their brain is  engaged
  • No other activity achieves greater brain function enhancements than piano-based study.
  • Because their brains are still wiring, the neural connectors wire across the hemispheres creating permanent paths for enriched academics and other qualities that remain for the rest of their life.
  • Most preschoolers are unable to be successful in traditional methods at the piano study.  However, our non-traditional, fun, classroom approach is wonderfully successful while their brain is still forming!

The Structures

  • Classes meet for 45 minutes weekly in a three to five month session depending on the time of year.
  • Classes meet at 6125 University Place, Suite B- 26, Huntsville, AL 35806. (Behind Cheddars)
  • A parent, guardian or other care-giver attends the class and learns right along with the student!
  • On-stage performance skills are developed in class and on stage.
  • Pre Kids N Keys Video Series may be included (depending on the season) to support the program and stand alone for remote students.


The Fees

  • Application Fee: a $30, non-refundable application fee is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Tuition Fee:   $69 per month in a session commitment and includes the Virtual Program.
  • Performance Fee:  Varies between $25 and $45 per recital, depending on what we do, charged twice each year. All registered students are required to pay the event fee regardless of whether you attend the event or not, so Save the Date! 
  • Pre KnK Materials: $75.00 includes tax.  It includes:  a canvas, embroidered book bag, a white board kit (includes marker, eraser and staff white board), an attendance sticker book, a Parent Supplemental Notebook, HomePlay Sheets, Virtual Parent Guide (when applicable) and the seasonal Pre Kids N Keys Book and CD.

Class Times

Day & Time
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Thursday 5:30pm
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Wednesday 4:30pmAccepting Application for June 2018. 8 weeks summer session.10 Book it Now!

Spreading the Word …

My 4 year old son began to play the piano by reading music in just a few weeks! I love this program.

a Dad
I am amazed at the process of the children in the Pre Kids N Keys classroom. It’s so much fun to watch!

This non-traditional method of teaching piano for very young children really works!

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