~ Ages 5 to 8 … and Beyond ~

Positive peer pressure, plus the joy of learning with your friends and parents is all part of our Kids N Keys program.

Your child will excel at the piano in these fun, action-packed music classes for children and their care-giver.

Now it also includes Virtual Lessons!  What’s not to love?  All for $79 per month!

Classes are only offered periodically so book your space while there is still availability!

Already a Student? Good for You! Click here to watch your lessons online now.

The Benefits

  • When your child plays the piano and sings, every part of their brain is  engaged.
  • No other activity achieves greater brain function enhancements than piano-based involvement.
  • That brain function enhancement links right and left brain hemispheres for enhanced academics.
  • Their brain is formatted for orderly storage and retrieval of information for 4-5 hours after they practice creating an environment for accelerated academics, reasoning skills, engineering skills, etc.
  • Side benefits of amazing performing skills, leadership qualities and discipline are developed enriching every area of their lives.
  • Since 2004, when we began tracking the academic enhancements of our students all but a few achieve straight A’s in every academic subject if they started our program by age 5 years.  That’s incredible!
  • Strong performing skills, a by-product of our program, follow the children into the academic classroom … and into society.
  • They grow up able to speak what they feel, and perform confidently before a crowd in musical and non-musical settings.
  • Academically they are set for life as their brain has wired differently.
  • Positive peer pressure brings out the best in them in a fun, classroom setting.

The Structures

  • Kids N Keys students meet weekly for up to  55 minutes.
  • A 4 month session commitment is required.  (Fall Session length is 5 months as it may include Christmas curriculum and events).
  • Through the use of “Clap and Thump” the metronome is introduced and students thrive on it.
  • Students compose their own song to perform at the Performance Party at the close of the level.
  • We develop strong ear training with a Follow Me Activity
  • A parent, guardian or other care-giver attends lessons with the children and learns to play the piano also!
  • On-stage performance skills are developed in class and on stage.
  • In studio classes are offered at 6125 University Drive Suite B-26 Huntsville, AL 35806 (behind Cheddars).
  • Students indicate mastery of concepts by solos in class and under headphones.  Mastery on every song is required before progressing to the next level of study.
  • Perfect Praise takes advantage of the technology available:
    • Virtual lessons are included and stand alone for remote students.
    • Partners may send in videos of children performing at the piano for proficiency testing to indicate mastery.
  • Adult attendance at a Partner Workshop Orientation meeting is requested before your start date.

The Fees

  • Application Fee: a $30, non-refundable application fee is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Tuition Fee:   $79 per month (55 minute lesson) in a 4 month session commitment and includes the complete step-by-step Virtual Program.
  • New Student KnK Materials: $85 includes tax (see below for more info).  (We can set up a payment plan if you need it, contact the office.) Families who already have materials, may call the office to enroll bypassing the Book It Now website option. 256-348-6634.
  • Sessions:  Session commitment for Kids N Keys Level 1 is normally 4 months, however when it includes a Christmas curriculum or an event, it is sometimes expanded to be a 5 month session.
  • Performance Fee:  Varies between $25 and $45 per recital, depending on what we do, charged twice each year.  This fee is due the month before the event, and the Performance Fee will be announced when we announce the event. All registered students are required to pay the event fee regardless of whether you attend the event or not, so Save the Date! 
  • Auto Account:  Recurring monthly payments may be charged to your Visa, MasterCard or Discover debit or credit cards or full session checks are accepted.

The Curriculum and Musical Accessories

  • Your Kids N Keys Level One ECM material kit includes:  a supplemental notebook, an attendance sticker book,  a music staff whiteboard (marker and eraser included), the Level 1KnK Level 1 Kids N Keys book and CD, Flashcards, the HomePlay Sheets and a step-by-step 100 page TV Parent guide to our virtual program.
  • A headphone and keyboard adapter is required by week 4.  You may purchase through Perfect Praise, if interested.  ($24.50 for the set)
  • A metronome is required by week 6.  You may use your free app on a smart devise, internal on your instrument, or free standing metronomes of different types.  (We’ll tell you more in class!)
  • The bulk of these supplies will be used for the entire 2.5 year program.

Class Times

Day & Time
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Tuesday 5:30 pm0 Book it Now!
Tuesday 4:30 pm0 Book it Now!
Wednesday 5:30 pm0 Book it Now!
Thursday 5:30 pmSorry we're full. Next Session begins June. Contact the office for more information.
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Tuesday 5:30 pmThis class will start in June 2018. Sign up now! 2 Book it Now!

Transfer Students: We also have many other classes at various levels for transfer students. Give us a call … we’d love to give you a free placement assessment.

I swore my shy child would never perform in class much less on stage.  She blew me out!  Positive peer pressure really works!

The bead chain reward system really works.  We “had” to return from our vacation early so she could earn her star bead.  I love her enthusiasm for this music program.

I love the fact that my son is learning to compose new songs.  I can see his creativity blossom.


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