The Power of the Piano

The Power of the Piano

Adult Piano Lessons Fight the Aging Process

Mrs. Denie Riggs

Music researchers trumpet the power of the piano to be the activity of choice to produce the greatest brain benefit.  More and more adults are reaching for the piano as a means to enrich their brain and to keep healthy and vibrant. At any age, the power of the piano never fails to bring about great benefit in musical and non-musical ways.  And it’s FUN!

Albert Einstein’s fifth grade teacher informed his parents that Albert was ‘stupid’ and incapable of learning. His teacher recommended they remove him from school and place him in a workhouse. And they did!  Yet Albert was later seen as the most brilliant man of the last century.  What happened?

When asked to write the Declaration of Independence of the United States, Thomas Jefferson struggled to find the right words to express his heart.  After many restless days and nights, he gave up.  Yet we can hold in our hands an eloquently worded document penned by him.  What happened?

These folks used the power of music to release them from life’s circumstances.

Albert Einstein’s father later gave him a violin. Whenever stumped while working on a formula, the answer would come to him while playing his violin. Albert, in his later years contributed his abilities to music as it unlocked his right-side dominated brain.  Amazing!

Thomas Jefferson, at the point of total frustration, wrote his wife requesting that she send his violin to him.  The landlord under his office in Philadelphia states that she would hear Thomas pacing. Then she would hear musi

adult beginner piano lessons enhance your brain

Adult piano lessons enable the power of the piano to enhance your brain for 4-5 hours after you practice.

c from his violin followed by silence.  After playing music, Thomas was able to write the foundation doctrine for our government, so eloquently worded and complete.

Scientists have documented that music links the right/left hemispheres of the brain and the trunk linking the hemispheres is thicker in musicians than in non-musicians. This thicker brain trunk represents higher learning circuitry.

The Power of the Piano Goes a Step Above!

The piano has been documented by these scientists to be the number one instrument for brain function enhancement, beyond any other activity a person of any age can be involved in.  I call it the power of the piano.

  • When a child in their preschool years plays the piano the right brain/left brain flow together creating enriched circuitry that remains for the rest of their life. That’s the power of the piano.
  • We have seen first-hand the power of the piano with children labeled with learning disabilities. In our Autism Case Study (2013) 7 non-verbal children participated, ranging in age from 4 to 11 years. After only eight weeks with our piano-based Music Helps Autism structures, 5 out of 7 non-verbal children began saying new words. (Download the Case Study Results from our website.)  That’s the power of the piano.

Well, adults need the power of the piano also.   The benefits are strong and incredible.

  • Music lessons have been shown in one scientific research study after another to give the highest brain function enhancement when centered on playing the piano while singing.
  • The piano is the best instrument for recovery for adults with dementia or who are recovering from a stroke or other brain issue.
  • When adults practice the piano, their brain is formatted for orderly storage and retrieval of information for four to five hours after practicing.
  • When you play the piano and sing, every part of your brain is engaged and the benefits skyrocket.  The Bible instructs us many times to sing and make music to the Lord. What is incredible, it that when we are obedient to do that we are the benefactors.

As adults, we are seeking ways to turn back the clock on aging, especially in our brains. Well, now it’s your turn.   Perfect Praise Music offers In-studio Adult Piano Lessons for all levels of study and for those with brain issues.  And with our new Online Learning Adult Beginner Piano Course, adults may gain benefits from the power of the piano from the privacy of their home.

No more excuses; Now it’s YOUR turn!

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