Adult Music Lessons

No one needs music lessons more than busy adults. Music lessons change your brain for 4-5 hours after you practice. They de-stress your life, enrich your emotions and give you enjoyment. Piano lessons for adults or guitar lessons for adults has never been simpler with our traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching. We have several structure and scheduling options to choose from.
Now it’s YOUR turn!

piano lessons for adults

Private Piano Lessons for Adults

The study of the piano is the number one brain enriching activity anyone can be involved with.  When an adult plays the piano, their brain is formatted for orderly storage and retrieval of information for 4-5 hours after they practice.  So by practicing in the morning, you will have a better day.  It also turns back the clock on aging, produces HFG hormone and releases stress.  Private piano lessons for adults are offered for every level of study from absolute beginner to advanced classical.  Now it’s YOUR turn!

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Private Piano Lessons - Come N Go Schedule

The study of the piano is the number one brain enriching activity anyone can be involved with.  When an adult plays the piano and sings, their brain is formatted for orderly storage and retrieval of information for 4-5 hours after they practice. Piano study also releases youthful hormones that turn back the clock on again, Alzheimers and more.   Using modern technology, beginner, intermediate and advanced piano lessons are offered in Come N Go schedules that permit scheduling flexibility.   Now it’s YOUR turn!

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adult beginner piano lessons

Adult Beginner Piano Lessons

20 Years and up

The Piano.  It’s benefits are incredible for busy adults in our busy lifestyles.  When adults interact with the music on four different levels, it changes everything about your life.  We will show you with PowerPoint videos just what the research is saying, and show you how to incorporate those four levels into your life.  Enjoy adult beginner piano lessons in a fun, step-by-step class with other adults.  Non-traditional EZ Play curriculum by Mrs. Denie Riggs gets you performing one new song each week.  Two 10 week sessions

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piano improvisation

Piano Improvisation Private Lessons

10 Years+

Always wanted to add things to your music that are not written down?  Now it’s easy, step-by-step with Mrs. Denie’s Piano Improvisation Course.  Study the basic music theory behind piano improvisation along with multiple techniques and concepts that enable you to release music on piano that God puts inside of you. Piano Improvisation will let your creativity flow.  Prerequisites.

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piano improvisation
guitar lessons for adults

Private Guitar Lessons

8+ to Adults

Guitar Lessons for Adults brings you into the wonderful world of music’s benefits by studying how music works on the neck of the guitar.  We teach note reading, chords and a combination of the two.  Using our step by step, incremental guitar teaching system, you can play your favorite songs from written music or by improvisation (by ear).

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Hear From Our Students!

I was so excited at church Sunday to be able to understand the music in the hymnal and to actually identify some notes. I have waited my entire life to be able to do this! My parents didn't have money to let me study piano. I am so glad that I found Mrs. Denie's Adult Beginner Piano Program!


I have trouble sleeping. But since I started the Adult Beginner Piano Program and began listening to the Listening Therapy CD, I have been sleeping like a baby. I cannot believe it!

Gloria (age over 65)

I've always wanted to improvise at the piano. Now with Mrs. Denie's Piano Improvisation Virtual Lessons, I can learn from her even from home.


My son and I love studying the guitar together. This is quality training in the context of spending time with my son. It's a win-win.

Jones Family

My daughter has been taking lessons for two instruments, piano and guitar, since she graduated from Perfect Praise Music's Kids N Keys program. She is getting the best of both instruments with one trip. This is so good for our busy schedule.


My teenage son was flunking out of school and had an incredibly poor attitude about life ... until he started guitar lessons with Mr. Michael. He began practicing it hours a day, and it has totally turned his academics and attitude around. Thank you Mr. Michael!


My daughters are taking guitar lessons from Mr. Michael and the piano lab with Mrs. Denie ... and it really has helped their musical abilities soar.

Mrs. H

My daughter studied the guitar under Mr. Michael when she graduated Kids N Keys. He is the most patient teacher. She thrives at the guitar and plays it for worship at our church.

Mrs. M

My daughter studied the Piano Improvisation course with Mrs. Denie first in a camp and then followed up with private lessons. She understands all the theory of music and is the church pianist at our local congregation.


My son did the Piano Improvisation course with Mrs. Denie in a summer camp. It has totally changed his life, opening the door for a new way to view the piano.


Studio Hours

We are open by appointment only. We have set hours that we teach they vary by day and times. Our hours also vary by the season, but our current hours usually are as follows. To be safe, call for an appointment 256-348-6634.

  • Monday: 2:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00am – 6:30pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30am – 6:30pm
  • Thursday: 1:00pm – 6:30pm
  • Friday: 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed


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