Enhance Your Baby

Enhance Your Baby!


Mrs. Denie Riggs

Millions of new moms search the internet for ways to enhance your baby, as everyone wants to give baby the very best start in life.  Researchers and indicators point to participation with music as one of the best ways to propel your new little bundle of joy into a thriving, active and productive citizen. 

You see, music is power.


Active musical participation enhance baby like no other activity.

The power of the universe is encapsulated in music. It was the first thing that God created spoke into existence.  That’s right, when God said, “Let there be light,” music, light and sound reiterated through the universes, as they are different frequencies of the same spectrum. And everything that God created after those first words, was created with music at their core.  The stars and planets sing; even rocks vibrate with sound.

And nothing moves us like music.  I think we all agree that music has power over us, but we have just begun to touch the surface of the enormous power that is at work in music.  Researchers are bringing more and more to light regarding the power of music.

Here is the fact:  God created us to be enhanced by music.

So, music was created to enhance us no matter our age, but the power is greatest in your prenatal or newborn baby. A newborn baby’s brain is wide open to new stimulation.  The musical activities in baby’s environment in those early months and years dictate how baby’s brain wires.  Nothing wires the brain for orderly storage and retrieval of information more than music.

enhance my baby with music

Musical activities give early cognitive development for toddler and baby

Natural rhythm and ear training are God-given gifts inbred into every person.  While we are all born with these abilities, babies are enhanced by exposure to rhythm and singing while important developmental windows are open from conception on through those important early years.

Children exposed to singing and matching pitch very early have good ear training for the rest of their life. We personally witnessed a three-month old baby, who had completed our prenatal music program, singing scales in music class. Three months old!

Moms know instinctively to sing, rock and bounce while cradling their babies, probably dating back to Adam and Eve. Recent scientific music research shows us the benefits of this early stimulation.

Bounce your baby!

Ms. Laurel Trainor, a psychologist at the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind, observed parents bouncing their babies and led a research study to investigate the benefits of this movement.  Her study involved sixteen seven-month old babies.   She had them listen to rhythm patterns made by a snare drum and sticks.   Half of the moms bounced their babies on counts 1 and 3 of a march pattern, and the other half bounced on count 1 of a waltz pattern.  She played the patterns again, this time without bouncing, and measured the amount of time they paid attention to the stereo speakers.

The babies showed that they preferred the pattern that their mother bounced them to… ignoring the other pattern.   Follow-up tests with blindfolded babies gave the same result, showing that vision was not important to this sensory development.

This study and many like it, indicates that active involvement with music wires the sensory system. This type of development relates to language, communication and perceptual skills.

Passive listening to music, while calming and enjoyable for your baby, doesn’t bring about the sensory stimulation that active involvement achieves. So, music researchers are trumpeting the need for active exposure to all styles of music.  And an early start is best to engage the tremendous power of music to enhance your baby.

enhance my baby with the power of music

Perfect Praise Baby Book and CD give you the tools to easily enhance baby at home.

But, where do you begin?  And how do you do it?

At Perfect Praise Music, we have compiled all the research and developed the tools for you to easily enhance your baby.

Our Perfect Praise Baby book gives you 123 pages of exciting research and baby enhancing activities that grow with your baby from newborn to strong walker and beyond.

Our Perfect Praise Baby CD (or download card) contains one-hour worth of music in a woman’s voice singing the songs in our student book. It is in split-track (Karaoke) for you to turn off our voice and use yours!

Baby Rhythm Instrument Packs are available to use with our curriculum in the privacy of your home, enabling you to enhance your baby no matter where you live.

We also offer thirty-minute in-studio lessons, called Bounce N Baby classes. For $10 a week, your little one and a Partner enjoy our active musical participation class, enhancing your baby with music stimulation in our studio.

Don’t wait another minute.  Get started bringing the power of music into your home to enhance your baby.

Enhance Your Baby


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