17 Reasons to Study Piano with Perfect Praise Music

17 Reasons to Study Piano with Perfect Praise Music

by Denie Riggs

Founding Director

For over 25 years, we have been trumpeting the benefits of playing the piano.  Today, piano benefit documentation is well-know and strong.  There are tons of great piano teachers both in our local area and world-wide. So why should you choose us, Perfect Praise Music and Early Childhood Music® (ECM) to study the piano?

My business partner, co-teacher and husband, Michael, sat down with me this weekend and we listed many important reasons why you should consider Perfect Praise Music for your family’s piano and guitar lessons.

Here are 17 Reasons You Should Study Piano with Perfect Praise Music. 

Wow!  What a list. Here they are, in no specific order.

  1. We offer family piano lessons from ages 6 months to 90 years. With Early Childhood Music’s® non-traditional piano-based curriculum, our program works for all ages. Our tuition price starts at $10 and up depending on the type of lessons you register for. (Note: Early Childhood Music® ~ Give Them the Best Start, is a department of Perfect Praise, Inc. for ages 6 months to 8 years and beyond.)
  2. We have developed a start-of-the art Online Learning Piano Course in our Early Childhood Music® department giving lots of options for busy families. Students can still study piano while playing several sports and juggling academics. Our Online Learning Piano Course stands alone or supports in-studio students for Kids N Keys, Adult Beginner Piano Lessons and Special Needs Music class.
  3. We are a Christian music teaching facility. We train students to become worshiping musicians, if desired, offering specialty worship classes and courses, worship open mic experiences, piano improvisation courses and more. While we offer those worship training services, we don’t exclude those who are not attending for the Christian experience. Our approach to teaching music works for our varied student’s religious beliefs.
  4. We have developed a non-traditional piano curriculum and approach so children may successfully study the piano as young as 3 years, while still in the formative years. Traditional piano lessons begin around age 7 years, but two vital developmental windows have already closed by that age – ear training and natural rhythm.
  5. We have experienced teachers. Michael and Denie have 9 decades of teaching experience together. (Wow, and we are still so young!)
  6. Our Early Childhood Music® classes are more than just piano. Although our classes are strong on piano, the number one brain function activities for all age students, our classes teach ear training, playing by ear, basic and specialized music theory, and singing. They include positive peer pressure, performing skills, solfege and alphabet note reading skills and more. The top levels of Early Childhood Music® add the study of guitar and recorder in addition to the piano.  Graduating students can hear a song at church, on multimedia, or radio. They are able to pick it out and transpose it because of their developed trained ear, while most traditional piano lessons do not offer singing, ear training, solfege, three instruments, etc.
  7. Pre-band training included. By attending our Early Childhood Music® classes at a young age, students are prepared to step ahead of their peers in their local school bands, vying for first chair. That’s a big deal; to them and to us!Special Needs Music Class
  8. We let creativity fly! God has given each of us amazing creative ability. Our ECM® classes include the opportunity to write original songs and to perform their original songs for their family and peers.
  9. Early Childhood Music® includes active musical participation (rhythm and movement) permitting young children to engage while important windows of natural rhythm and ear training are open. Again, these windows of opportunity close around age 7, the age that traditional piano lessons normally begin.
  10. We are centrally located in Huntsville at the crossroad of two main highways, and close to Madison. 70,000+ cars pass by our center every day. Yet our center has many ways to access it without getting into the traffic. (We are in Burlington Coat Factory Shopping Center, behind Cheddar’s Restaurant.) Our current student family comes from surrounding cities of Athens, Cullman and Guntersville.
  11. At Perfect Praise Music, we have different scheduling and lesson options to accommodate the needs of private-piano-lessonsstudents. We offer private instruction one-on-one and individualized study in the Piano Lab. The Piano Lab structures permit students to study individualized piano under headphones in come-and-go structures, instead of with rigid time constraints of one-on-one lessons. We have been offering Piano Lab training since 1996 with amazing success. It’s also great for parents who are trying to pack everything into their busy schedules.
  12. We love the children we teach. We see our students weekly and become our extended family. We care about their success in music, academically and otherwise!
  13. We have a team of intercessors who pray for the needs of our students- spirit, soul and body. This is so important, that it should be first! God hears and answers prayer.
  14. Our Early Childhood Music® program is partner-based. That means a parent, guardian, nanny or babysitter attend lessons with the children (until they graduate the ECM® department).  Care-givers act as tutor at home and can learn to play the piano, recorder and guitar also. It’s a two-for-one sale!
  15. We have tons of experience. We have offered our Early Childhood Music® program for 20 years. In that time, we have literally reached thousands of children. We have national piano teachers who teach our Kids N Keys curriculum to their students, including our virtual lessons and games. Folks have found us on the web, and we have some national and international curriculum schools. (We’re open to more, so share with your family and friends who live in other areas.)
  16. Our students benefit academically. We began a tracking system in 2004 of students who began Early Childhood Music® by age 5 years and continued to graduate 2.5 years later. Almost ALL our students get straight A’s at the time of their graduation, they read several grade levels above their peers, are leaders on their sports teams, love to perform and excel at everything. Amazing stuff!
  17. We offer Special Needs Piano to both children and adults. We have found that our non-traditional piano curriculum really works for students who need a little more help. We conducted an Autism Case Study in 2013 with 20 children diagnosed with Autism. Wow, we witnessed amazing breakthroughs in everyone who did the study. It was all scientifically-based and the results are found here. In addition to piano for individuals with autism, we also offer special needs piano to students who have other issues: Those who are blind, seniors with Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s, Dyslexia and other physical or mental handicap. With our Online Learning Programs, students outside our local area, can do the same activities as the students in our case study through our virtual and in-studio programs. There is hope! Our piano-based music programs are affordable and produce results!

Wow, we are in the business of teaching music and are changing lives in the process.  (We are so blessed to do what we do.)

We’d love to add you to our student body and musical family.  Give us a call today!



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  1. Hi. I am interested in learning music as a tool for worshiping. My children and I would like to subscribe to your course. I think that learning music with you is a good way for my family to be familiar with christian teaching and to learn English in a pleasant manner.

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