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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Mrs. Denie Riggs
Founding Director of Early Childhood Music 

Scientists are doing more music research and discovering more piano benefits, even faster than we can follow.  We are still just touching the surface of the benefits enabled by the study at the piano, of singing and other active musical engagements.

  • Did you know that 5 out of 7 non-verbal children with severe autism began saying new words after participating in our non-traditional piano curriculum for only 8 weeks?


  • Did you know that a hormone (HGF) that slows down the aging process is found in senior citizens after twenty weeks of piano lessons?


  • Did you know that babies are born with natural rhythm, but that window for keeping a strong beat closes around age 7 years.


  • Did you know that at no time is music more beneficial than when a prenatal baby is forming and for the first five years of a child’s life?


  •  Did you know that when you play the piano and sing, your brain function exceeds that of any activity you can be involved in, no matter what your age?


  • Did you know that when a preschool child studies the piano, their brain function enrichment is maximized and lasts for the rest of their life?


  • Did you know that children as young as three years old, when given the right curriculum and approach, can learn to read and play piano by note?


  • Did you know that brains are formatted for orderly storage and retrieval of information for four or five hours after you practice the piano?


  • Did you know that babies in utero have natural rhythm?  They are born feeling the beat!


  • Did you know that listening to a certain style of music during your first trimester gives you a better chance of carrying the baby to full term?


  • Did you know that every baby is born with natural rhythm and ear-training, the prerequisites for musical ability? It’s the early environment that makes the difference.


  • Did you know that nearly all of our Early Childhood Music graduates receive straight A’s? They also read usually 2-4 grades above their peers.


  • Did you know that the top nations in academics have mandatory music requirements for their children?


  • Did you know that more musicians are admitted to med-school than bio-chemistry majors?   66-33%


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