The Journey (Part 7) We’re Better Together

Concluding The Journey …. (Part 7) (If you are missing any of The Journey see the other blogs on this site.)

We are Better Together

The Bible instructs us to carry one another’s burdens.  That’s what family does; we help each other. Same with marriage. I could not do one half of my daily tasks if it were not for my wonderful husband. He helps me, I help him, and together we accomplish more. 

That principle is multiplied by our releasing our visions to you in the last several weeks. Thank you for following us as we have shared our vision, dreams and tears with you. We’ve receive many wonderful comments from you. Thank you for your support! 
We have realized how much more we can accomplish by inviting you along for the Journey; both in sharing the many tasks at hand, and also to help carry the load financially.
Michael and I believe that God has given vision and tools for the 222 Ranch. As I have shared in previous blogs, the 222 Ranch vision encompasses the many various ministries that we have developed together since 1994. (See below for link to overview)

This fall, God dramatically gave us direction to share not only the visions, but the opportunity to partner along side of us, shoulder-to-shoulder, so to speak as a Perfect Praise Partner.  So we have taken steps to establish an ability for you to Partner with Perfect Praise, Inc or Perfect Praise Projects, in a way that you receive back! We have listed several ways for you to get involved in this blog.
Update: October 2022 Lots of specifics below have changed…. 

First, w
e are Launching a Tee Shirt Subscription Club, creating a win-win-win scenario. You give, you receive!
  • Win #1- The 222 Ranch and Zoe Life Vision will help be funded
  • Win #2- You receive the blessing of being a part of the 222 Ranch solution AND receive a Worship Tee Shirt periodically
  • Win #3- A percentage of the GROSS profit will go to another charity

Others are Blessed by your Generosity!

  • We believe in giving outside of ourselves. A percentage of the GROSS sales from the attire sales will go to a children’s orphanage in Zimbabwe Africa, through Samaritan’s Purse. And the remaining profit will go towards helping fund the Zoe Life and 222 Ranch visions. 

This how it will work:
1. Go to link below)

2. Sign up for the Zoe Life Subscription Club for $19.50 when you purchase “Livin’ the Zoe Life” Tee. You can select your favorite size selecting from Baby Onesie to Adult 3XLA.

3. The size your purchase will become your standard size for future orders. We have Baby, Children and Adult Clubs.

4. Every other month, you will receive a  newly designed worship shirt shipped directly to your home. Your credit card will be billed automatically.  See the Tee Shirt website for more details

Other Specifics:

  • You may have more than one membership for additional family members
  • You may cancel at any time by emailing us at least 5 working days ahead of your membership renewal date
  • You can give away membership tees as a gift (what a fantastic gift for a grandchild who may have too many toys)

Optional: Give Additional Financial Support

  • By contacting the office, you can set up your account to donate funds monthly, although you will receive only a shirt every-other month.
  • 100% of the extra payment would go towards the 222 Ranch fund
  • Those who desire for their extra support donations to be tax deductible, may give through Perfect Praise Projects (Contact office for more information)


Here Are Some Other Ways to Partner With Us:

1.  One-time Financial Gift or Monthly Support without the Tee Membership:

  • You may donate any amount monthly or as a one-time gift
  • For instance, you may share with others and contribute as a Sunday School project or corporation
  • Contact us to set these structures up

Note: If you’d like to have your donations be tax-deductible, you can give through our Perfect Praise Projects, Inc.


2. Seeking Intercessors: The powerhouse behind the success of our ministries has been our team of intercessors who voluntarily pray for the needs of our ministry and families.

  • We are reorganizing our Intercessory Group
  • We will coordinate needs via texts and emails
  • We ask that you pray for the spiritual and physical needs of our students, corporations and other needs as we become aware of them
  • All needs are shared confidentially without names and specifics, of course
  • We support you with periodic devotional items, blogs and videos
  • If you would like to become part of this ministry’s intercession team, please Contact our Team.
3. Zoe Life Coordinators and Workers:  In this series of blogs, we have shared the vision of the Zoe Life Center including the 7 Centers of Healing. Some of those centers are already covered, but this month we are going to begin organizing and moving forward in the other areas.

I am sharing a link below with the full description of the 7 Centers of Healing.

We need qualified, interested individuals to partner with us in these many areas.
  • In some instances, we may simply be a referral service to you or your company
  • In other instances, once we have generated funds coming in, we may be able to pay you for your services through Perfect Praise, Inc.
  • Contact Denie to learn more

What’s Coming Next?

Great Question!?!  What is coming next?

We are stepping forward as God gives guidance and as funds permit.

We feel we are on the brink of an entirely new journey.

We are excited to Partner with you in any way, by any means, as God leads us together.

We are expecting miracles and amazing lives changed as we move forward!

Stay tuned!

Summing Up …

Thank you for sharing our journey, as we have poured out our hearts, our visions, and yes even the future as we grow this life-changing project together.

We need your help. First step is to prayerfully consider what you can do. And them move forward.

Bless you in advance, for every effort that you put forward.
Michael and Denie Riggs

P.S.  Please share our vision with those who may be interested in being a part! 

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