The Journey Part 5 ~ The 222 Ranch

Michael and Denie Riggs and their Perfect Praise Team invite you to join them as they continue sharing The Journey  as they prepare to launch a New Center.

Picking up The Journey… (If you missed earlier blogs, they are posted here on this blog site.)

The Continuing Journey … (Part 5)

The 222 Ranch

Blog by Denie Riggs

If you have been following our blog series, you may remember that Michael and I envision a complete, encompassing Center for accumulated ministries from the last two and a half decades.  We call this Ministry Center the 222 Ranch. It will be the home for Perfect Praise, Inc., Perfect Praise Projects, Inc, Zoe Life Center, Early Childhood Music and more.

Perfect Praise, Inc.
1.   Our 222 Ranch will become the home for existing ministries of Perfect Praise, Inc. and Perfect Praise Projects, Inc. (our non-profit corporation)
2.   It will host our teaching facility, offering piano and guitar lessons for students of all ages
3.  Worship Mentoring will be expanded in our new facility, preparing students to take their place for worship leading opportunities in their local churches, forming their own worship groups as well as personal worship to the Lord
4.  Music Training Classes for all ages to adult seniors
5.  Worship Workshops, Conferences and Classes
6.  An Indoor Performing Hall
7.  Outdoor Pavilion for Festivals and Recitals
Early Childhood Music (ECM):
Since 1998, God has blessed us with the opportunity to work with young children, authoring an eight-year piano-based curriculum for those very young, preparing them to become worshipping musicians. This department of Perfect Praise, Inc. is known as Early Childhood Music ~ Give Them the Best Start.

1.  Our 222 Ranch will become the headquarters for Early Childhood Music
2. Based on Psalm 8:2, we believe that those that we train up from infanthood will become worshipping musicians and be prepared to become leaders in our culture and churches
3. Research indicates that those who are trained up early will not depart from the Father, and we take that mandate very seriously.
4. At the 222 Ranch, we will be able to expand teacher training ministries for ECM with conferences and workshops (see list below)
5. The 222 Ranch will house our filming studio as we continue to put our varied programs online for national and international distribution
The Zoe Life Center:
1. The 222 Ranch will be a home for the Zoe Life Center, for ministry to those with special needs of every age
2. Our Autism Case Study (2013)  had such phenomenal results. We plan to duplicate this several times a year
3. We will bring families in for conferences and workshops with a personal approach of healing for those with special needs
4. We will continue to offer special needs bucket drumming, worship recorder and piano classes
5. The Zoe Life Center will be expanded to include the seven circles of healing as mentioned in earlier blogs (additional Zoe Life structures to be released in days ahead)
Workshops Teaching Kingdom Concepts for Children in Formative Years
Once we have physical property for our 222 Ranch, we plan to offer courses and hands-on opportunities including the following Workshops and Training Topics:

2.Work Ethic
4.Protection Of Others
5.Helping The Oppressed
6.Relieving Fear in Those Afraid
8.Resisting The Devil
9.Resisting Temptation
10.Thanksgiving And Gratitude Rather Than Entitlement
14.The Golden Rule
15.The Beatitudes
16.The Provision of God
17.Kingdom Living Concepts
18.And more
Everything about the 222 Ranch is based on Scriptural Foundations:
1.  The 222 Ranch will be a Center where the Tabernacle of David is demonstrated
2. Everything at 222 Ranch will be that which comes under the umbrella of Revelation 22:2, or that which facilitates the same
3  .Students and Visitors will receive exposure to being built up in the Lord and His Word
4.  We believe in deliverance; release from personal prisons and all that keeps them from the freedom God has to them so that they walk in their creative destiny and purpose
5.  Intercession will play an important role in the 222 Ranch
Expanding 222 Ranch into Other Regions:
1.  As Revelation 22:2 invades the hearts and lives of people, and thus place(s) He establishes, Centers will become representative and demonstration of what is contained in Revelation 22:2
2.  The Tabernacle of David restored in hearts and lives, will change homes, neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions
3.  As the Tabernacle of David becomes prevalent in region after region, what God so loved and was drawn to about the Tabernacle of David will become the norm and the obvious atmosphere in these regions
4.  As Isaiah 22:22 is fulfilled in people in leadership in the body of Christ in region after region, the doors of Kingdom opportunity, Kingdom reign and the Kingdom of God comes in full fruition

The 222 Ranch

We have been searching for the Perfect 222 Ranch property for awhile, but at this writing. we have not found the right property. We believe in the timing of the Lord and believe that finding this property may be just around the corner.

Here are some specifics that we envision for the physical property for our local 222 Ranch:
1.  In North Alabama

2.  Preferable in Madison County, Limestone County

3.  We’d love 22 acres, but 3+acres is more realistic financially
4.  Water on the property, either a creek running through, pond or river
5.  We are willing to build but would prefer that it has a house, garage or pole barn already existing that can be modified to suit
6. Must be in metes and bounds so that we can build our Center without HOA or civil restrictions
If you know of an available property that fits this description,
please text Denie!

What’s Coming Next?
More of The Journey to Come …

As Michael and I try to figure out the financial funding of our 222 Ranch Vision, we experienced another Miracle Day, giving another piece of the vision.

The Lord is giving us the wisdom to Launch the 222 Ranch.

atch for the next The Journey blog to arrive in your inbox in just a few days.

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