Raising Up Future Leaders

Raising Up Future Leaders

… a Testimony from a Mom of 3 prior Early Childhood Music Students …

(This testimony has been edited only to remove names and location.)

We want to send a warm hello from the (our family).  We still think of you often, every time I dust the bookshelves and see the music books from our classes 20 years ago. Last week, we had a moment to rest at home and we decided to watch TLC’s show about the couple in Albertville with 9 children.  They came and had a lesson with y’all and I screamed for joy when I saw you on TV.  It is so exciting to see that you are still raising up young people and making an eternal difference in the lives of children!

Just to catch you up to speed on some of the babies who came through your program:

Our son (name removed) is now 22 years old and serves as the worship pastor here at our church. He is married and uses his musical gifts/talents every day to lead us into God’s presence.  Because he started with you!

Our middle daughter (name romoved) is now 20 years old and is beginning her junior year at Oral Roberts University.  She is a nursing major, but she spends her spare time serving on our worship team. There is no greater joy than watching them use their gifts on the platform to honor God.  Thank you!

Our youngest daughter (name removed) is now 18 years old.  She had the least amount of time in your program because we moved away from Huntsville shortly after she was born.  However, she is leaving next week to become a freshman at the University of Alabama.

We remember you both with joy in our heart and can’t thank you enough for the influence that you have had in the lives of our children.  Thank you for what you are still doing to raise up future leaders!

We are praying for you to be overwhelmed by God’s blessings as you continue to change the world.

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