Special Needs Piano Lessons

Perfect Praise Music has developed piano lessons for kids with special needs.

Since 1998 we have had incredible results with children with special needs.  So much so that we wrote a book and did our own case study.

Research indicates, and we witnessed,  that the more we engage with the piano, the more our brain function changes permitting more engagement which brings about more enrichment.  This cycle of enrichment yields both musical and non-musical benefits.

We will customize a program that will change their life; that may include private instruction, in-studio classes or online learning.  Call for a no-obligation appointment.


special needs piano lessons for kids

Our piano lessons for kids with special needs puts the Power of the Piano to work to change your child’s brain, providing healing and help with musical and non-musical benefits.


Music4Me In-Studio Class
Music4Me In-Studio Classes

3 Years and up:  We have a complete program for children with special needs that mirrors our Music Helps Autism Case Study.  Your child can experience the same life changing results.

Music4Me Virtual Class
Music4Me Virtual Program

Virtual Only: Not local?  Not a problem.  Your family can do our Virtual Only MHA program from the comfort of your home.  Three levels available depending on the needs of your student.

Music Helps Autism Book
Music Helps Autism Book

Get the Book:  Our MHA program is based upon the exciting music based research.  You can learn about it and get excited reading the testimonies of families, just like yours, who have done this program.  What will your child’s story be?

Dementia Program
Dementia Piano Program

Adults: Our partner based adult piano program is for those who may need a little help attending lessons or doing the HomePlay assignments.  Adults with brain issues of any kind may benefit from this piano-based program.

I believe that music has helped my son in language development, social skills, behavior regulation, reading skills, self-determination and confidence. Mrs. Denie’s Program has paved the way and given the tools for my son to be able to venture out of his own world into a world that he can contribute to and be successful in.


Our son was born 13 weeks premature which resulted in several medical and neurodevelopmental issues.  We began Early Childhood Music® at age 4 years, and it worked for him!  He now performs original classical pieces at the piano and maintains good grades.


Music4Me is the most incredible program. I believe this program should be a must for all children with autism, and I believe it should be the first step in them getting help.


This music program is wonderful, and being that the class was only eight weeks long and had the effect it had on my son … has blown my mind.


“This (Music4Me) class covers multiple therapies all in one and is essential for the growth of autistic children and it is fun and very entertaining for the children.”


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