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Working with individuals with Special Needs

We have witnessed so much power over the debilitating thief of autism, through the power of music. I wrote a book to share our findings. And then we went to work to do a Music and Autism Case Study 2013. The results were literally unbelievable. See the report under Special Needs on this website.

We need help.  Nearly every week, I get a request for piano lessons for children with autism… from all around the nation and abroad.

We have found that our non-traditional piano curriculum, Kids N Keys, is formatted in such as way that children with autism can do it. And once they begin to do it, the power of the PIANO takes over changing them from the inside out. Amazing life-changing differences.

If interested in partnering with me to bring about change, one child at a time. Please email me.

We will train you to use our Kids N Keys curriculum and online courses to bring about amazing benefits with your students.

Music4Me is the department of working with special needs children in active musical participation classes.

If interested in learning more about working with children with special learning needs, or starting a Music4Me program in your area, reach out to Mrs. Denie for the passcode to Music4Me tools.