Kids N Keys Teacher Portal

Kids N Keys Teacher Portal

We have three different types of Online Learning Courses to support our Kids N Keys curriculum.

Original Version- These are our oldest video series, created with one video each lesson. This version is great for the busy family who doesn’t want lots of online training but needs HomePlay instruction. This version is also recommended for teacher training on each lesson.

Daily Version- This version is our Cadillac version of Kids N Keys. It has daily activities to do to reinforce the concepts. five days a week. This version is great for young children under 3rd grade, and special needs children.

Basic Version– This version of Kids N Keys is a streamlined version of the Daily Version. Most of the puppets and “fluff” has been removed. Although it still has a few videos to view daily, it is simplified down to the basics. This version is great for older students, who do want to include puppets, and don’t need daily repetition.

Open/Students Versions- The three course types listed above, may be available as STUDENT (dripped content of one lesson a week) or OPEN- where students have access to the entire course at once.

Teacher Manuals- Each level of KNK and Pre KNK has it’s own teacher manual.

There are 6 levels of Kids N Keys, plus the Pre Courses.

Kids N Keys Syllabus– The syllabus for this amazing piano course.

Pre Kids N Keys

KNK Level 1

KNK Level 2

KNK Level 3

KNK Level 4

KNK Level 5

KNK Level 6