What is Preferred Music and how does it benefit me?

Listening-Therapy-CDHello, I’m so glad that you asked!

Just this morning I taught a group of adults about the power of just listening to specific types of music, that I call Preferred Music.

There are so many benefits to just passively listening to music that has three criteria.

1.  Lots of repeated patterns
2.  High voicings of strings and piano
3.  Metronome speed of 60-70 beats per measure
4.  Enjoyable to the listener.

Did you know that passively listening to Preferred Music:

  • Enhances your Immune System
  • Helps you Lose Weight
  • Relax, calms and eases tension
  • 30 minutes of listening can be equal to taking valium
  • Relieves pain and helps reduce swelling in surgery patients
  • Changes your mood, environment and approach to life
  • And about 20 more things I could list!

Passively listening to Preferred Music is the first step of engagement as we let the power of music enhance everything about our lives.   Learn more in our adult piano classes, or by getting information about our Listening Therapy CD.  $14.95 plus shipping.  Available on Amazon.com.

This CD can change your life!

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