Worship Recorder (Academic)

Worship Recorder Online Classroom is more than just a weekly recorder lesson. It’s a full program where we offer several options to incorporate all styles of learning with Zoom Online Lessons and the Online Learning Course.

(See below for specifics)

Contact Mrs. Denie Riggs for specific, customized quote. Be sure to include: 

  1. Grade level and program of interest
  2. How many students would receive music each week
  3. Any Specific Options for each department

Email Mrs. Denie Riggs. Denie@PerfectPraiseMusic.com

We look forward to hearing from you.  Let’s get started!



Pre-Band: Worship Recorder

 Pre-Band Music Experience Course by Perfect Praise Music

Our Pre-Band Recorder/Drum Worship Experience course will study the rudiments of music with note reading, application and performance techniques on the recorder.

Those Options May Include:  

  • Training YOUR Music or Classroom Teacher to lead the activities in the classroom
    • We have developed a Teacher Portal with training videos and more to support your Teacher
    • We will provide the training, materials and lesson plans virtually
    • Step-by-step program to creating vibrant music classes in your facility with YOUR teacher
  • Zoom Music Lessons
    • You could choose to provide a weekly 20 minute music class with our LIVE teachers (via Zoom.us)
    • This option could stand alone or be added in conjuction with another option
  • Online Learning Course
    • We have develope a Worship Recorder Online Music Course
    • Choose from one video lesson each week to watch over and over as desired or
    • You might also choose to give access to your parents at home to help create a musical home environment

Startup Fee, Monthly Tuition will vary depending on: 

  • The options you’d like offered at your school
  • How many students attend each classroom/facility

Financing Your School Music Program:

Adding music to your school is very affordable, ranging between just a few dollars a month per student to less than $40 per month per student for piano programs that include our Teaching Team’s proficiency.

Paying for your music program with us may be as easy as simply adding a few dollars to your student’s monthly school tuition. 

  • One school may choose to carriy the full cost themselves, not requiring the parents to support the program in any way
  • Another may choose to have the parents carry the full cost, paid through their monthly tuition
  • Or your may choose to split it, having the parents pay a few dollars additionally each tuition period; while the remainder is covered by the school’s budget

However you choose, the school would be billed monthly according to the annual contract established when you launch our program into your school system. 

Email Mrs. Denie Riggs for customized billing information.