Worship Recorder (Academic Environment)

Worship Recorder For Academic Environments is more than just a weekly recorder lesson. It’s a full program where we may offer Zoom Online Lessons along with our Online Learning Course.

(See below for specifics)

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Be sure to include: 

  1. Grade level and program of interest
  2. How many students would receive music each week
  3. Specific Options (see below)

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Pre-Band: Worship Recorder

 Pre-Band Music Experience Course by Perfect Praise Music

Our Pre-Band Recorder/Drum Worship Experience course will study the rudiments of music with note reading, application and performance techniques on the recorder.

Those Options May Include:  

  • Training YOUR Music or Classroom Teacher to lead the activities in the classroom
    • We have developed a Teacher Portal with training videos and more to support your Teacher
    • We will provide the training, materials and lesson plans virtually
    • Step-by-step program to creating vibrant music classes in your facility with YOUR teacher
  • Online Learning Course
    • We have developed a Worship Recorder Online Music Course
    • Choose from one video lesson each week to view over and over as desired
    • You may choose to also give access to your students at home to support their training

Monthly Tuition will vary depending on: 

  • The options you’d like offered at your school
  • How many students attend each classroom/facility

Financing Your School Music Program:

Adding music to your school is very affordable, starting at just a few dollars per week, per student. Paying for your music program may be as easy as simply adding a few dollars to your student’s monthly school tuition. 

However you choose, your school would be billed monthly according to an annual contract with us. 

Email us for customized billing information.