Preschool Online Learning Course- Sample Lesson

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Preschool Online Learning Music Course- Sample Lesson

Welcome to a Sample Lesson from our Online Learning Courses for young children. These active musical participation lessons are perfect for home-school time or part of your Academic Environment in Christian Private Schools.  They are also included as part of our in-studio programs.

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This sample lesson is from Lesson 5 of Module 1. Enjoy it!

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Welcome to music class! Let's join Pedro and Suzie for the Hello Song!

Get your fingers ready for Five Plump Peas! with one of our Teachers, Mr. Michael.

Let's sing We are Little Flowers!

Butterflies fly HIGH and frog sings LOW! Let's sing the Butterfly Song!

It's time for the Hokey Pokey with Mr. Michael! Everyone stand up and join in! 

Wave to the conductor! It's time for The Train Song!    

Here come the Little Choo Choo.  Get ready for the "Toot Toot" on your piano.let's go to the piano

Let's sing Ducks in the Park!

Here is your Beach Ball Boogie soundtrack. Get your ball and play! 

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