Musical Manger (Sample)

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Welcome to Musical Manger

A Piano-Based Manger Program for Young Children

Here is our Sample Course for Lesson 1.

Mr. Michael Riggs welcomes you to Musical Manger.  

 Now, let's see what we'll learn in lesson one!

We are going to have so much fun! Let's meet Mrs. Treble and Mr. Basswho will help us sing the Hello Song!

The most important thing you can do today is worship God. Let's learn more with Mr. Michael for our Let's Worship segment!

Our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals teach us every lesson and have fun with us. Let's meet them now! 

Bart the Shepherd and Mr. Snowball are two super cool friends, and they love to tell jokes!

Let's Sing Songs! segments each lesson feature some of Early Childhood Music's favorite songs to sing.

Singing is so good for you. It makes you feel good and even boosts your immune system.

So Let's Sing! 

We absolutely love Christmas Music, so let's start by singing Jingle Bells with Trot, Trot our Little Donkey!

When Jesus was born, he spend His first night on earth in a manger. Let's sing Away in a Manger to remember Jesus' birth!

Trot, Trot is back with Country Shake! Get your rhythm instruments to have fun together.

Let's sing the Five Finger Song with Mr. Michael.

As we begin this new Musical Manger session, it's important that you know how to "tap your name." Mr. Michael will tell you more. 

This lesson, we are going to learn a rhythm pattern with Mrs. Denie! It's Rhythm Pattern #1 on page 31 of your student book. It's also shared below. It's the One, Rest, Rest, Rest pattern.

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In our music lesson, we are going to start out by drawing Mama Do with Mr. Michael. 

Now, let's draw a rhythm pattern on Mama Do!


In the next few videos, Mrs. Denie will guide us into getting ready to play the piano. 

First thing is to locate Mama Do, Papa Do and Baby Do. (You might want to have a sticker ready to mark Mama Do.) Mrs. Denie will tell you more.


Knowing when and how to play and when and how to stop are equally important when playing the piano. Mrs. Denie will explain. 

Mr. Michael will show us how to play Pop Baby Do!

Next, let's play our music pattern with Row Row Row on Mama Do!

Pedro and Suzie, our Perfect Praise Puppet Pals will introduce you to Follow Me, a fun game of Ear Training. Remember to sing back along with Pedro and Suzie. 

Here is your HomePlay Assignment for Lesson One. All worksheets and references to songs, are from the Musical Manger Student Book.  

  1. Whiteboard: draw do, do, do rest
  2. Color Page 7
  3. Color Mama Do green (Page 35)
  4. Piano: Pop Baby Do, Row, Row, Row

If your program includes proficiency and accountability, you may upload your HomePlay to your teacher via the Upload Portal on our PerfectPraiseMusic website. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for more information.  

What a fun lesson this week! We're so excited that you're joining us on this Musical Manger Session.

Now, it's time to sing our Goodbye song. Join in and sing We Wish You  a Merry Christmas!

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